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Living In Color: Colorful Home Decor That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Serving Up Style, A Colorful Tabletop Competition

color outside of the box, colorful interiors, serving up style booths

The Fall Portland Home & Garden Show is only 1 week away, which means that we are only a sheer 7 days away from showing you what GHID has dreamed up for Serving Up Style (SUS)! As most of you will be attending the home show to look for the appropriate inspiration to jumpstart your home projects, you'll also get the chance to see creative tabletop creations from some of the top designers. Here at GHID, we are beyond eager to show the world what COLORbomb looks like, but in the meantime, we're ready to splash your world with some colorful home decor and fashion! Also, there are three fun, descriptive words included in each graphic that define what each color of decor will convey in your home.


Incorporate Red Home Decor For A Bold Statement


Brighten Up Your Home On Grey Days With Yellow Furniture

Decorating With Green Interior Decor


 Top 6 Shades Of Blue Home Decor

Ways To Incorporate The Enchanting Color, Purple


To see what other colors of interior decor mean about your personality, read the entire article here on 1stdibs.