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Pacific Northwest Interior Designer Visits The 2013 Sunset Idea Town In Seabrook, Washington

Sunset Magazine Presents The 2013 Idea Town

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Today's blog is brought to you by Associate Designer, Collin Kayser.

The tangled webs of the internet can often lead us to a new find, unique product, or in this case, a day filled with inspiration - as a designer, I often seek inspiration. In the spring, I stumbled upon a new project interior designer, Brian Paquette, a designer I follow via social media, was working on. That spurred the plan of visiting Sunset Magazine’s Idea Town 2013. The must-haves for a successful day trip: playlist for the 3 hour drive, a fall weekend where the foliage of the Washington landscape was burning with color, and dry weather...boy did I get lucky with the weather.

Tiny Town Development InWashington

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My Road Trip And Experience Of Sunset Magazine's Tiny Town

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I did little research before arriving at my destination, as I wanted it to be a surprise. Winding through the curved and rural roads of the Washington coastline the quaint town of Seabrook, Washington suddenly appears. Bam. There it is. Established in 2004, Seabrook, Washington is a development of the cutest beach homes - ranging from a small bungalow to a custom family residence. The small town of homes, cottage rentals, local restaurant, market, and growing retail district is nestled between the sandy beaches and lush green forests of the Pacific Northwest. The town is currently 100 acres in size, but future additions will grow the development to 300 acres. It is adorable and an absolute retreat. If I had to sum it up, I would classify it as a mix between Wisteria Lane and Pleasantville; a little town that takes note of the past but has a nod towards the future. Life moves slow, storefronts are full of character, people are at ease, children are playing in the parks, each home is unique, and there is a smile on everyone’s face. There was definitely a smile on my face.


What Is Idea Town In Seabrook, Washington?

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Via Sunset Magazine

Each year, Sunset Magazine builds an “Idea Town” to highlight new home trends, technologies and materials. This year, the tour consists of two homes in the forward-thinking setting of Seabrook, Washington—making it an Idea Town! The magazine worked with community architects and designers to build a number of homes that will incorporate green building practices. Currently, there are two coastal homes that are available to view in this picturesque community. Each home features: sustainable design, capitalized Pacific Ocean views, colorful walls and furniture, décor trends, local artisan crafts and art, top of the line appliances and plumbing fixtures, and landscape that makes complete sense for the setting and “fictional” family of the two homes.

The Interior Design Within The Two Idea Town Homes

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Visit this website for a virtual tour and insight from some of the talent that brought this project to fruition.

The homes will be available for public tours through the end of October. The tour is $17 per person, of which a portion will be donated to the Seabrook Community Foundation.

The end of October is nearing. And if you can’t find time to visit Sunset Magazine’s two homes, make sure you stop by Seabrook, Washington just for the pure joy of the town. I guarantee you will leave inspired—and with a grin from cheek to cheek.

Best, Collin