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Interior Design Tips & Tricks: How To Successfully Decorate Your Mantel For The Holidays

Decorating and accessorizing a mantel, or anything for that matter can be daunting at first. You have found some great accessories, but now what? How do you display them? How do you decorate a mantel for a season? I have pulled together some great tips on decorating basics to help you design your perfect fall mantel.

Decorate your mantel using these basic steps:

This is a great and simple guide to follow when decorating your mantel. Keep in mind that this is only a guide and you don't have to stick to it, but be as creative as you want!

Use A Large Piece Of Decor In The Center Of The Mantel

This fireplace is subtly decorated for fall and great for a neutrally decorated pallet. The Mirror is the focal point in the space and is centered on the mantel. Remember that you can put any large piece in the center. You can put your favorite art piece, a large clock, a vase with flowers, or your TV if that is a logical spot for it.

Create a visual movement in the space

Fit for a thanksgiving feast, the different layers and varying heights of the pumpkins and leaves creates a visual movement throughout the entire mantel. By using items with various heights and sizes, it helps to move your eyes around the space.


Use An Accessory That Creates Visual Weight

This mantel is a subtle tribute to fall. The colors are very warm and a reminiscent of the changing leaves. The branches in the vase create a visual weight to balance the smaller group of items on the other side. By balancing a single visually heavy object with a group of smaller objects, it creates interest in the space but still has a sense of balance.


Layer Artwork And Photos For Depth

By adding garland and changing out sconces for these ones, the space is transformed from a light summery space to a warm cozy space that is fit for fall. The pictures are layered, which adds visual interest and depth into the space. By using asymmetry and the layering of art and photographs, it helps to create a more interesting space.


Adding Objects And Accessories Of Different Heights

I hope I've inspired you and shed some light on the mysteries of decorating your mantel for the holidays!