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Portland Design Week Celebrates Innovative Design And Creativity Across All Disciplines

Dissecting Design - How Great Ideas Become A Reality

Over the last decade, Portland has become a bustling hub for innovative design. Although Portland is still a small city, people are looking more to the Pacific Northwest for inspiration. Design week focuses on all types of design. From interior design to graphic design, architecture, product design, apparel design, and marketing, we are all intertwined and go through the same creative processes. Designers construct a design from an idea in our heads and follow it all the way to completion. We live and breathe design and Portland Design Week recognizes designers of all types. With over 80 events and 100 open houses there were a variety of events, form exhibits, to seminars, to films, Design Week honors designers and helps to inspire. There were many fabulous events at Portland Design Week, but here are just a few in case you missed them!


Dissecting Design presented by the Portland Advertising Federation concentrates on the processes used to create great designs. This event featured a panel of graphic and product designers that discussed how great ideas become a reality. The designers included, Sam Huff – Founder & Creative Director of Tanner Goods, Steve Sandstrom – Founder & Partner of Sandstrom Partners, Elizabeth Dye - wedding dress designer and owner of The English Dept., Eric Park – Creative Director of Ziba, Jeff Kovel – Principle Architect of SkyLab Architecture, Wilson Smith III – Design Director of Nike. Two of these designers really spoke to me.


Portland Wedding Dress Designer

Elizabeth Dye, designs and creates one of a kind wedding dresses. She moved to Portland to pursue another path, but quickly realized her passion while designing several of her friends wedding dresses. While she spoke about how she landed on designing wedding dress, her passion and the design process of designing wedding dresses was inspiring.

Portland-Based Architecture Firm With Crazy Cool Designs

Jeff Kovel, started Skylab Architecture in 1999. He moved to Portland after graduating with an architecture degree from Cornell, where he worked on several projects including Lenny Kravitz's home before starting Skylab. Some of the projects Skylab has done since include, The Doug Fir, The Cullen house from the movie Twilight, and the Nike track and field Olympic trial space. His work is truly inspiring and goes to show that the NW is a hub for innovative design.


Domestic: An American Made Design Showcase


This event was a walk through tour put on by Made and State. They describe themselves as American made know-it-alls and for this series, they asked 7 interior designers to decorate apartments and a roof top using only American made products. This event truly embodied the Pacific North West ideals for keeping products local. It goes to show that beautiful design can be achieved 100% locally.



Design Matters: A Tour of Exceptional Portland Homes

This series is a tour that feature small and smart modern homes. Seven local Portland based architects opened the doors of these homes to the public to show their cutting-edge designs and modern developments in home technology. Among the seven architecture firms that participated in this tour were: Aasum Design- Casa Cornell, Annen Architecture - Brooklyn Close, DRW Design Build - Cable Hill House, Holst Architecture, PC- HHH House.

This house was a remodel that updated the home to a more modern aesthetic. Wood and steel were used consistently throughout the space to create unity.

The Brooklyn Close remodel was done on a craftsman style home that is very interesting to look at. The front remains a sweet craftsman style home while the back has been completely transformed.

We love and support all aspects of design Portland's Design Week really helps inspire, influence, and recognize designers in our community. Portland would not be were it is today without help form these amazing, businesses, firms, and idealisms. Design Week features designers of all types and is a great festival to attend. If you didn't get to go this year, it is highly recommended to attend events next year.