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Please Be Seated: Decorating Your Tabletops The Right Way This Holiday Season

Portland's Finest Location For Great Tabletop Decor

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Today, GHID is teaming up with the fabulous, Rosemary Stafford to talk all things floral at the MAC Club for a private luncheon. We couldn't stop there when it came to teaming up with great people, so we called on Please Be Seated for some gorgeous table settings to display at the luncheon. Alison and I visited Laurie Austin's store earlier this week to pick out our two donated table settings for the luncheon event, and we were treated like long-time friends. We were able to play with beautiful tabletop decor and accessories, and even get a brief introduction to etiquette. I can't say enough about how much fun I had in her store and it's something you just have to experience for yourself!

Beautiful Accessories And Decor For Fall-Specific Tablescapes

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Christmas Tableware And Decor Inspiration


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A Fresh Approach To Manners

The word etiquette may leave my generation turning their head in question. Luckily, my loving grandma taught me the ins and outs of etiquette, but that isn't stopping me and seven of my friends from attending Laurie's class on manners! Classes are offered to children starting at the ages of 8 for only $20 per person, while adult "refresher" classes run at $40 per person. The cost includes a meal and wine in a gorgeous setting + great tips & tricks on how to set the dinner table, table manners + many more! I'll be sure to follow up on my experience, but I know that it will be a night full of fun with some of my girlfriends.

If you fall in love with everything in the store like I did, just know that bridal & gift registries are also available at Please Be Seated!