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Halloween Inspired Contemporary Décor - Orange And Black Isn’t Just For Fall

Interior Decor That Is Not Just For The Fall

Who doesn’t love the fall, with the crisp, cool air and the excitement of Halloween just around the corner? Decorations go up, leaves come down, and houses begin to smell like pumpkin and apple crisp. But for many designers and architects, Halloween becomes the inspiration for contemporary interiors. If designed successfully with a sophisticated or earthy twist, we can enjoy these spaces year round. Here are some interiors that pull off an orange or black color scheme that rang from contemporary to a modern gothic aesthetic.


Modern Orange And Black Interior Decor

This space is both earthy and bold, incorporating orange and black into the aesthetic and pulling it off excellently. This space is the perfect fall conversion to get your home ready for Halloween. By adding orange accessories you can quickly change up your space to form a fall oasis.


 Modern Meets Gothic In A Fanciful Space

This church turned private residence incorporates the original gothic architecture into the new, contemporary space, creating a perfect balance that fits the space elegantly. By bringing black in to contrast the light wood in the space, it adds drama and makes a large statement.


Black painted walls create a luxurious space

This master suite has walls that are painted a bold black. This unexpected element adds drama to the space and creates a rich luxury that is fit for royalty.


Rich black walls combined with lush textiles and worldly objects

This space features a stone fireplace framed by a rich black wall. The orange and tan objects in this space seem to suggest that the owner is well traveled and cultured. This maximal approach creates a room that is a comfortable retreat away from the crisp cool days of fall.


Striped walls make for an adventurous focal wall

This office has a vibrant orange and black stripe on the walls. When using this bold of a pattern, it is best to have a focal wall. That way your eyes are drawn to one wall instead of the entire room. The gallery wall is a great way to add interest and depth to your space.


Sleek black walls paired with bright colors and bold patterns

This Sexy Sleek bathroom has black walls with bold patterns and bright colors. Although the black walls are in a confined space, the bathroom seem very warm and inviting. Changing out the color of the towels and accessories will help you change the space for the seasons. The orange towels are the perfect fall addition.


Orange walls make a bold welcome statement

Orange walls can make a grand statement when used correctly. This entryway is a perfect example of how a bold orange can really create a welcoming space. The black boarder adds a little bit of  whimsy while the art is very organic.

At GHID we are also huge fans of orange! It’s used for our vibrant logo, which has become a signature part of the GHID brand. As for incorporating this daring color into various client projects, GHID pulls it off masterfully with a contemporary and elegant style. The Sophisticated Master Suite for Westover Drive incorporates deep earthy orange hues and complimenting fabrics and leathers, creating a warm aesthetic and a room that’s cozy and inviting.

Do you dare to bring orange and black into your interior design?