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The Lonny Upholostery Guide: Tips & Tricks That Will Make You Think Twice About Your "Old" Furniture

Think Twice Before You Throw Away That Old Piece Of Furniture

Written by Allegra Muzzillo via Lonny Magazine

We've all been there. You spot a chair-dumped on the side of the road, unloaded at the local flea market, collecting dust in the corner of some forgotten antiques store. But it's got good bones, you insist. All it needs is new upholstery.

That's where Molly Andrews and Tracy Jenkins come in. As co-owners of the Ardmore, Pennsylvania-based furniture company Chairloom, the duo (with the help of a top-notch carpentry and upholstery team) have reinvented countless pieces ranging from 1800s heirlooms stuffed with actual horsehair to battered 1970s sidewalk finds. Because clients often don't know where to begin, Andrews encourages them to get involved in the creative process by pinpointing where and by whom furniture will be used, how it will function, and how firm it should feel. Read on to see what else goes into their transformation.


The Necessary Tools You'll Need For Re-Upholstering Your Furniture

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Chair


The Materials You Need For Your Furniture Update


Giving The Right Face Lift To Your Home Decor

These mid-century dining chairs illustrate the various states of completion of the upholstery of a chair.


Deciding The Appropriate Leg For A Re-Upholstered Chair


Bonus: If you are ever curious about the history of your furniture, One Kings Lane came up with a great resource on their website.