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Interior Designers Share And Show Off Their Love For Cesarstone And The Concetto Line

Shiny And Sparkly Geodes Are Here To Stay

Earlier this year, geodes were pin pointed as being the hot design element to incorporate into your interior design. Geodes aren't just a trend, it's a unique and gorgeous semi-precious stone that can be brought into your home, vacation rental, or yacht to add a luxurious element! GHID is a firm believer and lover of Concetto® line by Caesarstone. We've used it in several projects, but to name one of them, you may remember our Thurman Street project!

If you're looking for a creative a fun way to utilize natural materials that speaks to a wide audience, and lends itself to a rustic or very modern client, read on!


Illuminate A Bar's Countertop With Concetto

I'm no expert in designing bars or restaurants, but I do know that when I like the ambiance and the drinks at a bar, I am likely to frequent that bar with my friends! The bar featured above would be so fun to belly up to with some tasty cocktails.

Interesting fun fact: According to Caesarstone, gray agate generates positive energy and promotes progress; a great element to include in a bar or restaurant setting.


Backsplash That Adds Another Element Of Depth And Beauty

In a recently completed Moonen Yacht named Sofia, Caesarstone's Concetto collection was selected for this superyacht's interiors! You can bring this luxurious look into your home by creative additional depth and interest in shelving units.

Interesting fun fact: According to Caesarstone, petrified Wood draws its energy from the tree’s strong roots , this stone projects stability and flexibility and fills the area with a sense of home and hearth.


Creating Custom Pieces For A Unique Design Element For Our GHID Showroom

ideal bars for entertaining, designing the perfect rolling cart, working with interior designers to create custom pieces

GHID designed a custom rolling bar cart to display in our new GHID kitchen showroom. We partnered with Caesarstone to complete this showstopping design element in our show room. We used a slab of white quartz to use as the top of the bar cart. If you've been looking for a great rolling bar cart or island, and haven't been able to find it, then you better come talk to us so we can start your custom design.

movable kitchen cart, moving kitchen island, ideas for customized kitchen islands

This industrial rolling bar cart was the creative concept and design from Dann Baker, who worked

Interesting Fun Fact: According to Caesarstone, white quartz captures the essence of sunlight on glaciers in the north that radiate purity and serenity.


The original manufacturer of quartz surfaces, Caesarstone offers nineteen Concetto surfaces for consumers, architects, designers and builders to choose from. If you're not seeing the gemstone color that you're looking for, many others can be found in the special order slabs. Concetto is available nationwide through upscale kitchen and bath showrooms, architects and designers. To learn more about Concetto visit this site.

In the coming weeks, we will continue showing you beautiful design elements from our new showroom!