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Interior Designer Finds: 8 Fabulous Chandeliers To Shed Light In Your Home This Holiday Season

In light of the first day of Hanukkah, we want to share with some fantastic lights that are statement pieces and fun! In case you don't know, today is the first day of Hanukkah. Since this holiday lasts for eight days, and involves lighting a new candle each day until the menorah burns bright. This holiday is known as the Festival of Lights, so we're going to be celebrating by showcasing eight fabulous light fixtures that are sure brighten any space in your home!

Classic Elegance With A Bright And Airy appeal

This light fixture by Rejuvenation, adds the element of clean luxury. It is simple, but classically refined and makes a statement.  This beautiful kitchen will truly shine bright on the first candle is lit.


Capiz Shells Create A Romantic Glow Over Any Dining Room Table

Dress up your dining room with this beautiful Capiz Shell chandelier from West Elm gives off an amber glow that is both warm and inviting. This chandelier is perfect for that expensive look without the price attached to it, and it falls under many different interior design styles.


Thousands Of Old Bike Chains Make An Industrial Chandelier

 Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is an artist that operates under the name Facaro. She takes old bike parts and repurposes them to create these beautiful chandeliers. These chandeliers are a great way to add drama to your home, as well as adding a sumptuous glow to your luxurious space.

Modern Blown Glass Light Fixture

This chandelier is called Caboche and it's a stroke of genius! This chandelier was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Foscarini. This chandelier is made up of blown glass and is the perfect fixture to add to your modern space.


Rustic Juxtaposition Birdcage Lighting

This fanciful chandelier from Restoration Hardware was inspired by a vintage bird cage. The designer wanted to create a piece that exhibits the juxtaposition of the rough vintage iron birdcage and the vibrant sparkle of the crystal chandelier. I love how dreamlike this chandelier feels and adds the perfect ambiance for the holiday spirit!


Make A Toast With This Fun Wine Glass Chandelier

pottery barn, cool lighting using wine glasses, glass chandelier

This Chandelier from Pottery Barn is a fun toast to the holidays! The designers of this light took an every day object and used it to create an entertaining piece. This wine rack chandelier allows you to change out your favorite wine glasses and will surely be the topic of conversation at any dinner party. This chandelier adds a new kind of meaning to Holiday Cheer!


Creative Materials Used To Create Light Fixtures

Decorate your chandelier the way you want with the Maria S.C. chandelier by Pani Jurek. This chandelier is made up of test tube vials that you can change out the contents with whatever you would like!  The greatest part of this creative treasure is that you change it to match your decor. For Hanukkah you can add blue food coloring or add seasonal flowers. However you decide to dress up this spectacular chandelier, it will be fit just for you!

Modern, Yet Elegant Ombre Lighting That Fades From Silver To Gold

Take a look at this modern drop chandelier called Rain by ilanel. It is a stunning work of art that fades from silver, bronze, to gold and illuminates a space as if it were the Milky Way. The hexagonal shape on the ceiling balances the the long cylinder pendant lights. This modern chandelier is a great sculptural piece that adds a little magic to the atmosphere