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Tech the Halls This Christmas Season With The Latest Gadgets For Your Home

Best Tech Gifts To Give For Your Home

Christmas is upon us, but instead of buying the same mundane gifts this holiday season, excite your loved ones by teching the halls! They will not only appreciate the gift, they will actually use it! These useful home gadgets are not only cool designs, they are designed to make life easier and with as busy as our lives get, we all could use the help.


Manage What Happens At Your Home From Your Phone

The Spotter is a device that lets you oversee your home from your mobile device, whether you're near or far. It lets you monitor lighting, sound, temperature, humidity, and motion all from your phone or your iPad. It is also very affordable. It is just $49.99 and it links to a "wink" app through your wi-fi that you can download to your device.


Organize Your Desk With An Easily Accessible Phone Charger

The OCDesk is a handy little adaptation to your phone, which allows you to organize your work space and always keep your iPhone within reach. This device hooks up to your existing Mac and attaches to the base of your computer. At $79.00 dollars, this adapter is affordable and makes for a convenient place to store your phone.


Transparent TVs That Blend Into Your Decor

The Samsung Transparent TV uses TOLED display technology; that means it is an organic light-emitting diode. When the TV is on, it functions as a regular TV, but when it is off, the screen is transparent making it blend into your environment a little more. If your not a fan of your TV being the focal point in the room then this TV is for you, although if you have it, it may be the topic of conversation when you have guests over.


Amplify Your Music With Speakers In A Stylish Way

Timbre Speakers are nifty speakers that are are not only cool, but they are very stylish as well. In fact, they don't even look like speakers! The cool sleek box is the the subwoofer and the glass vases are removable and able to be displayed in different locations when off. When you turn your speakers on, all you have to do is move your vases on top and press play to hear quality sound.


3D Printers That Are Under $3,000

The Form 1 3D Printer is a modelers/artists dream. There are CNC machines out there that do 3D printing, but they are pricy and you generally have to get things printed through a 2nd party. No longer will that be your problem, because this printer is relatively affordable and it's small enough to put on top of a desk. At $2,799 this printer can be hooked up to your computer where you can print from a 3D modeling program.


Tech Goers Dream: Technology That Isn't On The Market Yet

In the search for these great products, we happened upon a some other fantastic products that are not on the market yet, but are definitely worth keeping a look out for.

This robotic cleaning system takes those robotic floor roaming vacuums to a whole new level. This one flies! It releases tiny robotic flying mechanisms that zoom around and clean the dust out of the air. It was the winner of the 2013 Electrolux Design Lab and will revolutionize cleaning once it is released.

No keys, no problem. This little baby is not available until the Spring 2014, but we though it was cool enough to include. This device connects directly to your existing door lock and is replaced by a blue tooth monitor that connects directly to your phone. When you approach your door it automatically unlocks, just with your device in range. So when you have a load of groceries in your had, and you don't have a free had to unlock your door, this device comes in handy.

This system controls the lighting in your entire home. This device displays each light so there is never a question which light you are turning on. It also allows you to turn on lights anywhere in your home. That means no more stumbling though the dark to get to a light switch! Look for Taewon Hwang's release of this product.

We hope this gives you inspiration to tech your halls and find something special for your loved ones this holiday season. We are sure these great gift ideas will definitely score some high points!