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Hotel Interior Design: An Inside Look At Some Of The Most Incredibly Beautiful Hotels Around The World

A New Year doesn't only signify new beginnings, but new dreams! I often times find myself looking forward to trips to places that are unique and far away. Rather than just merely adding these fabulous finds to my never-ending bucket list, I have deemed it necessary to take you with me on virtual trips to two of the most incredibly unique and beautiful hotels around the world. One hotel is in the U.S. and one will require your passport. Lets pack our virtual bags and head to some of these gorgeous places. We can swoon over incredible interior design together.


Relaxed Rustic Interior Design In The Swiss Alps

Whitepod is located at 1400, in a private ski area in Switzerland, at the foot of the “Dents-du-Midi”, Whitepod, was awarded with the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005. This original concept offers a unique and unforgettable experience in a beautiful mountain environment. 15 spacious and luxurious domes (the pods) based in a high mountain pasture, welcome guests in a cozy atmosphere. Far from all urban nuisances the area is a perfect site for this unique ecological concept designed to be in total harmony with the surrounding environment.


Escape To A Soothing And Cool Desert Resort

Amangiri, ‘peaceful mountain’, is situated on 243 hectares (600 acres) in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona. The resort is tucked into a protected valley with sweeping views over colorful, stratified rock towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. The resort is a 25-minute drive from the nearest town of Page, Arizona and a 15-minute drive to the shores of Lake Powell. Architecturally, the resort has been designed to blend into the landscape with natural hues, materials and textures a feature of the design. The structures are commanding and in proportion with the scale of the natural surroundings, yet provide an intimate setting from which to view and appreciate the landscape.

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I feel like I am just scratching the surface for the coolest hotels in the world, but that's the best part about it. I enjoyed my little getaway so much that there will be several similar blogs to follow!

Please feel free to share your amazing hotel finds with me. After all, I need to mark it off of my bucket list and they might just be featured on our blog!