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SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT FIND: Interface's Sustainable Net Effect Makes Carpet Out Of Old Fishing Nets

Everyone loves finding a sustainable product that is also beautiful, right? You're going to love this product that Hannah Furseth came across, because their story is out of this world!! Net Effect is a carpet tile collection by Interface that "honors the ocean" by using recycled fishing nets. That's right, they create carpet from old fishing nets that would have otherwise polluted our waters and endangered marine animals. This blog post is about a man who had a promise to help negate some of the affects that people have our own environment while providing a gorgeous carpet option.

The Face Behind Who Created Interface And What's The Catch?

Interface is a modular tile company that got its start in 1973 by Ray Anderson. He perceived a need for carpet tile and nurtured Interface into a well known company. In 1994, Ray decided that they needed to make a change to Interface and in a big way; he had an epiphany of sorts, you could say. With over 600 Million people in our world, he realized that in order to save our environment, Interface needed to completely remodel how they do business. Fast forward to today, you can see their progress in reducing Interface's carbon footprint.


What is Net Effects and When Was It Created?

As a result of Ray's vision, 2011 created an ocean-inspired collection called, Net Effect. It is not only Net Effect's use of resources from the sea that inspires this collection, but it is also the beautiful natural colors and designs of the ripples and surf that inspire this collection. If you want to bring movement into your home or commercial design, you can actually emulate the shore's edge by strategically placing these gorgeous tile carpets.


Where Do The Nets Come From To Create These Carpet Tiles?

Net-Works is a program that was set up when Net Effect was created. The program purchases discarded fishing nets, which otherwise end up tangled in reefs, and re-purposes them to incorporate into the production of Net Effect tile carpets. This program is wonderful for so many reasons, but from a design perspective, these carpet tiles were designed as a tribute to the ocean. This means that when you place each Net Effect One tile side by side, it describes the specific moment when the sea foams into the shore creating organic imagery. Additionally, this program creates financial opportunities for these villages that are often poverty stricken.


Why Is Net Effect Such A High-Quality Product?

In addition to everything that I mentioned above, Net Effect is a great and reliable product. It is made for commercial environments so it is made to withstand heavy traffic. Carpet tiles allow the flexibility of replacing one or a section of floor tiles that have greater levels of traffic versus replacing wall to wall. It also has a ton of great designs that you can mix and match.

Sustainability is starting to become the new normal. People are becoming conscious of how fragile Earth is and they want to make a difference. We still have a long way to go, but thanks to companies like Interface, we have a clear path to follow. Net Effect is a great product with a great message!