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Interior Design Tips & Tricks: How To Display Oversized Artwork In Your Home Like A Pro

Displaying Oversized Artwork In A Stylish Way

Some would argue that it is important to let the artwork do the talking in your home, and with oversized art in your home, that statement couldn't hold more truth. Many of us are scared to display massive pieces of art in our space, but fear not! Here are a few tips and inspiration to help you take the plunge to enjoy oversized art in your home.


A Balancing Act - Offsetting Heavy Bookcases With Oversized

TIP #1 - If you have a big blank wall next to a large bookcase, offset it by adding a large canvas like the one displayed above. Make sure to keep it simple though, you still want the items displayed on the shelves to be the feature in your home.


Fun, Quirky And Bright - Bring Life Into Your Living Space With Large Pieces Of Out-Of-The-Ordinary Art!

TIP # 2 - Liven up a monochromatic room by adding a huge pop of color! A statement piece like this is bound to make a loud statement.


Customize Your Space - Remember Your Vacation In A BIG Way

TIP # 3 - What better way to remember a vacation, wedding, or one of your favorite memories than on a huge canvas like the one above? There are plenty of companies that will transfer your photo on to a canvas for you, or if you're a DIYer, look online to see how to do it yourself!


Home Art Gallery - Simple Spaces Can Handle Dramatic Art Pieces 

TIP #4 - I love the neon splashes in these pieces of art, and I love how they fill the otherwise sterile space. If you have a light space you're looking to fill up with something, try huge canvas art like this!


Break Up The Picture - For A More Interesting Wall, Turn One Picture Into Multiple Panels

TIP #5- Paneling is a great way to break up a picture to make it fill the space even more. Normally I see vertical paneled pictures, but I love how they decided to split this photo into horizontal patterns. It makes the room seem wide and spacious!


 Ground Your Space - Fill Your Area With A Huge Statement Piece

TIP #6 - When there isn't much furniture in a room, a bold piece of artwork like the one above can be the perfect addition to the room. I especially love that the artwork above has so much going on in it. My eyes could scan it for hours!


Functional Statement Pieces - Make Space For Pieces That Serve A Purpose

TIP #6 - Never have trouble reading the clock again! This piece is so out of the ordinary, which is why I love it! The people in this home weren't afraid to make a statement. However, if you aren't feeling quite this brave yet, try putting a huge mirror on your empty wall instead. Large mirrors are especially great at opening up smaller spaces.


Hope these tips helped you out and gave you some encouragement for hanging bold, oversized art in your home!