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Inside Look At Kourtney Kardashian's Home: She Dishes On Her Kelly Wearstler Meets Alice In Wonderland Home Decor

I have a of my guilty pleasures is Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Kourtney's house and decor have always struck me as unique, yet sophisticated. Kourtney worked closely with her interior designer, Jeff Andrews to create her fun and family centric home. After seeing photos of her gorgeously designed home, it is clear to see that the producers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians purposely kept us from seeing the rooms that are featured on InStyle. Lets take a quick tour of the newly released photos of her home. Her and her designer also dish on design details!  

Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up Her Home For A Quick Tour


Beware Of The Most Sophisticated Watch Dogs Around

Curl Up In This Lavishly Cozy Family Room

Kourtney Kardashian said, "this is my second favorite room in the house (Daughter Penelope’s is first.) It has a really boho vibe. This is where we hang out every night and watch movies. It’s a true family room. Behind the couch is a little kid’s kitchen. I told Jeff (the designer) everything in my house has to be kid-friendly—no sharp edges. We have a lot of friends come over to play."


Safari Chic Meets Calabasas Dining Room

Kourtney Kardashian said, "I’m an Aries and I love the ram at the base of the table. The chandelier is Jonathan Adler and the chairs in the kitchen were my dad's."

Jeff Andrews said, "sophisticated and original was the feeling we were going for in the breakfast room. The bold roman shades sets the tone in a black, gray, and cream chevron pattern. We chose black glass for the tabletop set atop Kourtney’s cast brass antelope pedestals. The funky chairs, which were originally from her father, are lacquered in black and upholstered in a coordinating black and cream textural fabric. The dramatic Jonathan Adler chandelier serves as a focal point and pulls all of the colors and finishes together. The final touch is Mason’s framed artwork to truly make this a family dining area."


Warm Up Your Kitchen With A Taupe And Gold Combination


Via Jeff Andrew Design

Kourtney Kardashian said, "I was really uninspired to decorate a kitchen until I saw this one photo of taupe cabinets with gold hardware and then I became obsessed. These three Tom Dixon lights were the first thing I saw that I said, ‘I have to have these for my new house. I love them.’ Now we have a lot of his lighting in our Dash stores."

Jeff Andrews said, "working within the parameters of the existing architecture, we used elements of brass and gold to bring a touch of glam to the kitchen. The gilt gold/silver framed mirror hung at an angle above the stove adds drama and reflects the chic Tom Dixon pendants. The chevron wallpaper above the cabinets draws your eyes upward and visually heightens the room. Funky leather stools that Kourtney found add a perfect vintage feel, while black, white, and metallic accessories liven up the space. State of the art appliances by Viking and SubZero make this a functional yet fun family kitchen."

It's Not A Zebra Or An Inmates Suit, It's Glam

Spell Out Your Love Spell

Alice In Wonderland Makes Her Mark In The Living Room

Jeff Andrews said, "a black and white color scheme anchors the room with touches of bright color that tie it all together. The black and white horizontal stripes on the wall make the room appear larger, while the multi-custom pendants I designed give it height. The coffee table was a fabulous vintage find of Kourtney’s, as were many of the accessories and art. Kourtney’s main priority was that the room feel whimsical and unique, with an Alice-In-Wonderland surrealism to it."