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An Affordable Interior Design Service: GH iDesign Is The Industry’s Best Online Interior Design Service

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photo on the right by Blackstone Edge

Last year, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design created and launched a new online interior design service to extend our signature look across the world. GH iDesign leads clients on a unique and tailored journey by providing a personalized electronic packet or look book, known as an iD Book. In each iD Book, clients are provided with everything necessary to complete a Garrison Hullinger-designed room. The design process is completed through email conversations, giving the clientele the opportunity to actualize the design project at their own convenience.


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Interior Design Services Done Electronically

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Have you ever wondered where you can get “affordable” interior design services? Are you inspired by watching HGTV and cannot wait to jump into your own home projects? Are you a great home project executer, but can’t even begin to think of the design of your home? Do you want, love, and crave the GHID look but don’t need our full range of design-centric services? Do you feel up to managing your design project on your own time and schedule? Do you live in an area with limited access to interior designers?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then GH iDesign is just for you! Still not convinced? Here are 11 reasons why you should send us an email today (11 is better than 10, right?)!

  • You love Garrison Hullinger Interior Design's signature design
  • You want to update your home in a stylish and sophisticated way
  • You don't have the budget interior designers to your location
  • You are located outside of the Oregon/Washington region
  • You know how to execute your design, but don't know how to design your space
  • You don't have the time for in-person design consultations
  • You want to assist a loved one in personalizing their space but you live in a different city
  • You are a master DIYer
  • You want to cut the costs of your home project
  • You want to update your space in smaller phases
  • You want to harness the HGTV in yourself and manage your own project

There are 4 distinct task phases that we ask you to complete. Upon your completion of these task phases, we will design your room and then provide you with your own iD Book equipped with your shopping guide that includes Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and dimensions. Providing you with the iD Book allows you the opportunity to share your design with friends and family both near and far.

What Will The GH iDesign Process Be Like?

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As with every design at GHID, it will be a fun process that's full of witty and exciting email exchanges. In fact, virtual high fives might even be thrown around. Although we have a fun edge to us, it isn't all play. We are very dedicated to making your design dreams your reality. We are serious about listening to your wants and needs so we can create a highly functional place…just for you!

The process is easy, but the first step is up to you. Connect with our GHID team to start the stress-free design process. Once you've completed the questionnaire, we'll assign you with the tasks of taking photos and measurements. Get your friends involved in the design process by inviting them over for wine, photos and taking measurements! After we've received the measurements and photos, kick back and keep your email open. It's like <fill in your holiday of choice> everyday! We'll send you your customized iD Book and when you open it on your computer screen, you get the luxury of squealing like a little kid in a candy store. Then the online shopping spree is up to you. You are able to tick off each item of your buying guide that we've created. Once the furniture and decor arrive, you'll refer to our fantastic floor plan and elevation sheets to place your décor like a pro. And voilà, your design is complete on time and within budget because you managed it!


Watch this video for a behind the scenes look at our awesome team.

If you want your space featured on our blog, we'd welcome any and all photos, just send them my way!

Cheers to beautiful design and an easy-going experience,

Garrison and Elena