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Art 101: Zatista Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Buying Original Art Online To Start Or Add To Your Own Art Collection

decorating with art, incorporating art into your home decor, how to decorate your high-rise condo Starting your own art collection can be an intimidating arena to enter into, but Zatista is here to encourage you to feel empowered to take that leap of faith. An influx of online art galleries have emerged with highly curated works and a buying experience every bit as enjoyable as brick and  mortar galleries – with the benefit of many additional perks and conveniences. Zatista does the heavy lifting of carefully selecting the most talented artists to be represented on the site for easily discoverable and purchasable works, while you sip coffee and enjoy.

Representing nearly 400 high profile and emerging artists, they are the leading online curated original art gallery, showcasing the best fine and contemporary original art, photography…and more recently sculpture. Featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, InStyle, Country Living and more, they have been a secret go-to source for many high profile collectors, interior designers, corporate buyers and art lovers from around the world searching for that perfect piece.

As there are so many varying art mediums, Zatista’s very own Jordan Milne (Co-Founder and VP of Business Development) is going to narrow in on the importance of sculptures and how they can actually compliment your home’s interior design.


Ways That Buying Original Sculptures Can Enhance Your Interior Design

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There are lots of reasons to get excited about sculpture. Whether you’re a collector looking for that unique find, a designer seeking to enhance a space, an art lover ready to appreciate an artist’s 3D vision or all of the above, sculpture is a fantastic category to explore for interior design.

Sculpture brings to light other elements such as texture, depth and even movement for kinetic sculpture.  It is an alluring way to tell a story, touch our senses and influence a space. Sculpture is an incredibly powerful medium.  In a room, large sculptures can work well as a strong statement piece whereas a smaller tabletop sculpture can play well as a compliment to other works. The beautiful thing about sculpture is that it contributes to a room in more ways than one, offering a unique visual and perspective from all angles and sight lines. Interior designers and collectors alike are waking up to sculpture.

Sculptures, like other art mediums can be an investment, and it makes sense to view the purchase of your artwork as such. The most important advice, however is simply to select a piece you love and just can’t live without.

Do You Know What The Most Expensive Sculpture Sold For?

Recently, Jeff Koon broke the record for highest sum ever paid for a work by a living artist, according to The Hollywood Report, with his balloon dog sculpture aptly titled “Balloon Dog (Orange).”


Is All Artwork On Zatista As Spendy As Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog?

The answer is no! There are a variety of price points for those who understandably balk at the 50 million dollar price tag. In fact, our website is very user-friendly and intuitive for you to easily search for artwork that is only within your price point. Take a look at our recently launched sculpture collection!


Do You Dare To Bring This Head-Strong Piece Into Your Home?

This sculpture from Frank Illo, was created out of 100-year-old reclaimed pine. All 16 inches of “Taurus” stand tall and strong even as the artist’s signature tickles its underbelly. Priced at $2,775, this is a wonderful piece to strengthen any space!

Juglans Orb” was created through many manipulations of the wood to land at this sculpture. Cody Powell says his expressionism comes from “letting go and gut reacting to each new cut.” Powell’s precision in free carving and wire brushes is priced at $3,375.

As we were all running around, trying to catch bubbles as children, Candace Knapp captured their allure forever in her sculpture, “Blue Bubble.” She found the slippery silhouette of a bubble moving upward from the bottom of the sea and crafted it. It is $2,500 to own a bubble you could never catch.

Stefan Nenov’s “Relative Identity,” tries to tackle a 3D representation of the need to be connected with everything through the internet. This sculpture of mixed media grounds itself in the icons and symbols that plague our online life. At $4,000, Nevov’s sculpture will stay with you as you meander through all of your life journeys.

Ready To Take The Plunge And Add To Your Very Own Art Collection?

Owning your first, second or thirteenth piece of art is made simple with today’s online market. I hope that after reading today’s blog, you have lost the notion that you have to be wealthy or an art history major to have a sculpture in your home. These pieces are yours for the taking. We do warn you that once you buy your first piece it’s hard to stop. You’ve been warned...

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