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Gold Metals Are A Must In Interior Design: Winter Olympic Inspiration for the Home Year-Round

Sarah with is guest blogging about bringing gold into your home with a medal worthy look! With the Olympic Winter Games kicking off today, we’re pretty pumped to watch the work of athletes from all over the world and see who takes home the gold. In fact, there may not be another time of year (er, every two years) when gold is so universally celebrated, so we’re taking the opportunity to revel in this super shiny metal in our own way: how to use gold accents within your home decor.

Gold can sometimes get a gaudy-grandma bad rap, but it’s super chic and modern when worked in properly—which often means not overdoing it. Here are a few tips that will help you go for the gold without going overboard!


Tips & Tricks That Will Set You Apart From The Bronze And Silver “Medals”


TIP #1: Pick One Statement Piece

Gold is glamorous, rich and luxurious, so it works really well when that boldness can (quite literally) shine. We love the look of an over-sized gold mirror, a gold/brass chandelier over a dining table, or an accent wall swathed in gold (like the walls that are  lined with gold.


TIP #2: Keep it modern by pairing with white

White and gold is a clean and contemporary with just the right amount of warmth. Since gold is so strong on its own, it’s really able to stand out in a neutral or minimal space, like the spaces that showcase stark white walls (shown above) with the gold accents spliced throughout the interior decor.


TIP #3: Make editing easy

If you ( like Mike Meyers in Goldmember) love gold, it might be easy to end up with a dining room that looks like King Tut’s bachelor pad. If you’re finding yourself drawn to anything and everything with a golden hue, limit your collection to accent pieces. Small decorative items will be easy to swap out or move around when you need a change, and you’ll get your fix without making major design decisions you might not be so in love with later. is thrilled to have partnered with Garrison Hullinger in The Ultimate GH iDesign Giveaway! Be sure to click here and enter to win $5,000 in prizes, including $500 to (That’ll buy you a lot of gold)!