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Faux Flowers 101: Diane James Home The Best Faux Flower Bouquets Around

Diane James Home is bringing us the best Floral 101 crash course around! Having been in the business of designing faux flower bouquets and plants for the past fifteen years, we get a lot of questions about their origins, their production, and their care - and we also hear things about permanent botanicals that just aren't true. So we thought we'd play a little game of True or False and test your knowledge!


True or False: Artificial flowers have been around since ancient Egyptian times.

True. Flower garlands (most likely lotus blossoms and papyrus) made of painted linen and shavings of stained horn have been found in Egyptian tombs making this civilization the first to immortalize nature in artificial blooms.


True or False: Silk flowers are made of silk.

False.  Poly-cotton fabrics and latex-covered foam are the primary materials used to create artificial flowers and foliage.  While we may still call them "silk flowers", silk is rarely used these days as it's very fragile and doesn't hold it's shape very well.  Technological advancements have allowed factories to create the most lifelike and natural looking blossoms and plants around - you really do need to touch them to make sure they're not real!  Other common materials used to create faux flowers include feathers from South American birds, metals, clay, paper and even glass.

True or False: Artificial flowers last forever.

False.  Nothing lasts forever, as we all know!  But when flowers are called "permanent", you would expect them to last a very long time.  While we would love our clients to replace their bouquets and plants on a yearly basis, we know that our designs are an investment so we recommend that they are dusted often (a hairdryer on a cool setting or a can of compressed air work really well!) and kept out of direct sunlight.

True or False: Flowers finish a room.

True.  Nothing makes a room feel warm and lived in like a lovely bouquet of flowers or a happy green plant.  Now, if you're like us, busy wives and mothers with black thumbs, then using artificial flowers and plants are a great way to achieve the look with very little maintenance.  We know that there are people out there who would never invest in faux, but we challenge them to see if they can tell ours from the real thing!  After all, we're the top designer's best kept secret...  That's why we're thrilled to be part of Garrison Hullinger's fabulous $5,000 iDesign Giveaway and can't wait to have our flowers finish the winner's room!

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