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TREND ALERT: How To Turn A Fashion Trend Into A Trend That Works Within Your Home

  The streets of New York are a buzz with tons of fashionistas showing off their latest lines and hottest looks, because it's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week folks! Trends are being revealed left and right, but one thing that holds true is that fashion trends often times walk themselves off of the runway and straight into your home. One question that I think many of you may be asking yourselves is, "how the heck can I translate my favorite trends into my home without my house be out of style when the fashion trend fades?" If that is a question that does cross your mind, I am going to show you how I would do this very thing with my favorite bold prints trend. Let's get inspired and look at some fabulously bold and beautiful rooms together!


Be Bold In Fashion And In Your Home Interior Design Trends


I love the bold color and pattern trends that I am seeing all over interior design and fashion magazines, blogs and the beloved Pinterest. Often times I fantasize about updating my bedroom with more color, mixed textures and other fun home accessories...but money keeps me from actually executing my design. As I show you how I would incorporate fun decor into a plain jane bedroom, I will give you a more expensive and affordable price point.


Bring Bold Colors And Patterns Into Your Bedroom Like A Boss


One of the easiest places you can easily fold in several colors, textures and patterns is in your bedroom, because you can layer in pillows, blankets, and other decor.

Warm Things Up A Bit And Splash Color Trends Into Your Home Decor

By splicing bold color schemes into your home accessories, it makes it easier and more budget conscious for the less committing folk to jump on a color trend. If you're looking for bold, beautiful, and reminiscent of warm weather, Bonnie and Neil, one of Australia’s most popular independent textile design studios should be on your list of places to consider for your home. You have to check out their website; this isn't a paid plug, it's just that beautiful!!

Use Your Art and Furniture To Play Off Of Each Other For Balance


 Wallpaper Is No Longer A Faux Pas...It's A Must-Have!

I love this room! If you want to bring the "scary" wall covering back into your home without having it be so bold, there are so many options out there! They're even more functional and washable, so when your munchkins eat peanut won't need to hurry out a get a new roll.

Are you ready to wash away the rain, snow, sleet and ice and bring a splash of vibrancy into your home?!