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The Room Makeover Issue: One Old Living Room Turned Into A Relaxing Beach Sanctuary

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.01.11 PM Earlier this month, GHID launched our first-ever dream room makeover. I am particularly excited about it because I was the one who created this opportunity for our loyal and new GHID friends! This giveaway provides homeowners that feel like a particular room is just stuck in a rut and it's just not vibing with you and your family's needs. GHID will be offering one lucky winner with a bedroom, nursery, office, den, or entry room of their dreams. Just to show you how your room can actually be turned into something that looks like it should be featured on a fabulous blog or in your favorite home magazine, we're showing off before & after photos of a house that went from a nothing house to a cool and cozy gem!

Design Dilemma: Dated Beach House Needs A Much Needed Makeover

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This home belongs to Garrison and his partner J, and it was a home that had beautiful bones...and it needed a ton of love. Luckily, there was a vision and a budget that would flip this home into a room that they could come to adore. What all did they have to do to make it pretty? Oh you better believe that they were doing DIY projects, like priming the wood paneled walls, ripping up carpet and refinishing the hardwoods, and tiling over their brick fireplace. Don't worry, if you win the GH iDesign giveaway, or want to sign up for your very own online interior design service, GHID will offer you chic solutions that are easy to follow and implement in your own home.


Take The Plunge And Paint Your Wood Paneled Walls!

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It's a scary thought, but a quick and easy solution to ugly wood paneled walls is to paint and prime it with your favorite calming hue! Take the plunge, you'll see the how it transformed this home dramatically.

Switch Out The Old Window Coverings With A Fresh Window Treatment

bamboo window treatments, contemporary beach window treatments, progress remodel photos

It's a blurry photo, but yes ladies and gentleman...that's G-man installing his own blinds! If you win the giveaway, 3 Day Blinds will do the job for you. *<insert shameless plug...enter here!!>

Before Photos Of A Beach House In Need Of Love

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All of you that know about the giveaway but you have some sort of excuse as to why you aren't or can't enter, here is proof that even the "ugliest" or "boring" room can turn into a space with HUGE STYLE!


After Photos Of A Beach House Ready For Entertaining

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No words are needed to explain how dramatic this transformation was, right? I hope this blog post gives you the confidence to enter to win our giveaway, because this beautiful updated space could be your home too! Don't wait any longer to enter to win, because there are only 10 days left to enter.

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Best of luck!!