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A Designers Kitchen & Bath Notebook: Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builders' Show Findings

Earlier this month, Garrison, Daniel, Collin and Amy attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry show (KBIS) and International Builders’ Show (IBS) show in Las Vegas. If you're like me and didn't know what KBIS or IBS stood for, it's important to have a little background information on these fancy acronyms. KBIS and IBS are a big deal in the world of design, because these shows are an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends and technologies all in one place. This was huge for our industry, because it allowed people from across the country to come together to touch, feel and learn about all of the latest designs and trends. By having two shows under one roof, more people were able to attend both events and take away more knowledge for their clients. Since the show spanned over 650,000 square feet, I thought I'd spare your feet from aching and share photos and things GHID loved from their experience!  

Bathroom & Kitchen Materials: Large Slab Porcelain

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), top finds from KBIS, cool new interior design products

Large porcelain slabs, similar to the MAXFINE slab GHID is standing in front of, are being used as countertops, bathtub backsplashes, kitchen islands and more! MAXFINE is a gorgeous product that showcases natures' beauties and is the only product that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness of 6 mm and which is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress.


Hide The Clutter: Organized Storage Options

Here at GHID we are about making a home as functional as possible for our clients. With that being said, the team was floored with all of the fun and creative home storage options that they saw in Vegas. If you don't have your kitchen custom designed to you and your family's needs, or if you do and you'd like to request storage options, some of their favorite easy to purchase storage options at the show were Häfele and Rev-a-shelf.

Rub A Dub In The Tub: Bathing Experiences

funny photos from KBIS, IBS photos, designers at trade shows

A common client request we've been receiving here at GHID is an at-home spa-like retreat, so it wasn't a huge surprise for our designers to see increased bathing experiences at KBIS and IBS, but it was still a fun trend to see! Above, you'll see that even some of the most talented designers can get fooled by Kohler's high-end bathroom products.


Let There Be Light: LED Lighting

LED lighting turned on some lightbulbs in our designers heads. Our designers are used to creating illuminated spaces, but there were some show-stopping lighting displays at the show, like Linair Direct Wire LED Bar Light which received a "Best Of" award.


Blurring The Indoors And Outdoors: Nana Walls

Last summer, GHID featured a similar product to the Nana Walls and other large glass partitions in the Street of Dreams home. It was such a great feature of the home, because sunny days are limited here in the Pacific Northwest and being able to let the warm breeze flow freely through your home is such a luxury! Also, the lines between the indoors and outdoors are becoming more blurred as outdoor furniture continues to increase in quality and aesthetics.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the fun things that GHID was able to bring back to Portland after a week in Las Vegas!