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Window Styles And Trends For 2014: A Glimpse into the Window Treatment Industry

3 Day Blinds is stopping by our blog to tell us the latest window treatment styles and trends for 2014! 3 day blinds trend watcher, style watcher, interior design trends

Every great living space is a blend of fashion and function. Window treatments are no exception to this rule of thumb, as they serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose in the home. For over 35 years, 3 Day Blinds has lead the window treatment industry in design, style and innovation. To stay on top of the latest trends, our Merchandise team attends trade shows, fabric markets and interior design conferences held all over the world. Check out these top five window treatment trends you will be seeing in 2014!

Gray Is The New Neutral - Greige

greige, the best neutral colors to use in interior design, fabrics that use grey in your home decor

Historically, using gray hues in the home was avoided because many feared it would create a dark and cold space. Now we are seeing grays ranging in tone from soft dove to deep charcoal expressed in all elements of the home, especially in window treatments. Gray draperies and gray soft roman shades are already front-runners in 2014 and we expect to see this trend continue to flourish throughout the year.


Fabrics Inspired By A World Traveler

interior design patterns inspired by a world traveler, international ikat patterns, traditional ikats that are traditionally made from around the world

Now more than ever people are connecting throughout the world thanks to advancing technology and social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. We are seeing this interconnectivity infused into everyday living and home décor. Bohemian, tribal and moroccan inspired prints are making a resurgence in the market and most commonly expressed with draperies.


Keeping It Classy With Traditional Home Decor

society influencing interior design, traditional decorating, traditional homes and patterns

Classic colors like gold in all shades mixed with reds and blues create a soft, traditional and beautiful palette. Rich fabrics such as, velvets and faux silks with bold prints like damasks, floral and paisleys have stood the test of time and are still important and used in many homes.

Look Closely, These Window Treatments Are Stitched

hand stitched curtains, windows treatments that are stitched, detailed window treatments

Embroideries bring a rich, luxurious feel to any space. Tone-on-tone embroideries have a subtle texture, giving greater visual interest than a plain solid.


Nature Inspired

nature inspired interior design, natural interior decorations, how to decorate with nature's beauty

Bring the outdoors in by using nature- inspired textiles. Woven wood shades are a great way to play up a home’s natural, rich earth tones and adds textural interest to any room - (See how Garrison used them in his beach house). On the textile side of things, we are seeing a lot of fabric with birds and delicate insects incorporated into soft floral patterns.


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