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$5,000 Dream Room Makeover: The Ultimate GH iDesign Giveaway Entries That Made The Blog - Part 2

As we get ready to name the winner of the Ultimate GH iDesign Giveaway later this week, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see some of the fun entries! Who is ready to see why people are ready to take the plunge and makeover their less than flattering space? I want to thank each and every one of you that have entered so far, because it is quite special to see how difficult life situations and life in general have been the reason why you've been living in a home that doesn't reflect the way you want your home to be perceived. Read on for some great before photos, poems (you know who you are :)), touching stories and reasons why you deserve to take the W. Oh and yes, I will insert another shameless plug here: If you haven't entered to win yet, what is with you?! There are only 3 days left, which equals 3 more entries. Enter to win this fabulous dream room giveaway by clicking HERE!


Wishing And Hoping And Praying To Win A Makeover For A Spanish Revival Home

exposed beams, archways, homes that entered the ultimate GH iDesign giveaway

Day 2 of hoping to win a GHD makeover for a room in my 1929 Spanish Revival home in Northern California! Yesterday I submitted a photo of our empty entry way. If that's not big enough, how about this for a project. This is a photo of our living room. Such great architectural details, dragged down by such drab decor. Would love your help in filling with furnishings that will bring this room to life! I know what I like, but have no idea how to get there!. After living here for 8.5 years, dreaming of what it can be, we're ready to do something about it. Pick me, pick me :-)! -Redwood City, CA


A Less Than Inspiring Home Office Welcomes Us Home

before a decorated home office is made over, dream room makeover winner, what an unprofessionally designed space looks like

We just moved into our new home & the office needs some serious TLC. It's where I work, so I want it to be comfortable...yet it's the first room our guests see, so I want it to be modern & stylish too! I'm at a loss as far as how to design it to fit both needs. Please help me, GHiDesign! -Victoria, MN


Too Many Ideas And Unable To Execute A Specific Design Style

how to decorate a room with brick walls, an unorganized home office, how to make your home office look professional yet functional

It is with a twinge of embarrassment that I submit my husband’s home office for a design makeover. It is one of the last projects on our list of improvements and I just don’t know where to begin. I want this space to be functional while reflecting my husband’s quirky personality. I need this room to be appropriate for hosting clients. I wish this office to be a separate but cohesive part of our home. The problem isn’t that I don’t have any ideas, but rather, that I have too many.  I can see this space as rustic, industrial or artsy. I have a few color palettes in mind; any of which could be lovely. Do I paint, stain or white wash the brick? Would drapes or blinds be better to control the light? Would I be happier with engineered wood or plank ceramic tiles on the floor? I am never this indecisive, which is why the input of a designer would be so well appreciated. I speak from my point of view, but really this room is about my husband. I have no hesitation in saying that he deserves a proper place to work. He is at his desk 60 hours a week to provide our family with a comfortable life. He never grumbles or complains. He meets the challenges of each day with optimism. It’s only fitting for his office to greet him with that same exuberance. -Methuen, MA

Gorgeous View Without A Lasting Impression

newly remodeled home in need of decorating help, how to decorate a newly remodeled home, creating a cohesive design scheme

About 4 years ago we remodeled and added this room as our entry to the house. This is the first impression of what people see when they enter. I have not been able to figure out how to decorate this room to be able to use it and have it show a good impression as our entry at the same time. -Aloha, OR

Life And Hand-Me-Downs Happened, But It's Time For A Relaxing Master Suite

master bedrooms that need to be made over, in need of design help, makeover my home

After 15 years of marriage and two kids, it has become apparent that our bedroom will never be finished. Every so often we make small steps in a direction, but then we fall back into the abyss of not enough time, energy, creativity, knowledge, etc. to get the job done. I love looking at the GH design on Houzz, and have dreamed of being rid of the hand-me-down bedroom set and walking into a beautiful and relaxing bedroom--perhaps this is our chance! - Tualatin, OR


Patio Furniture Isn't Acceptable For Indoor Decor?

patio set used as furniture, biggest design faux pas, unfinished interior decor

I would LOVE to win because I would like to have a normal Great Room/Living Room that is not needs a LOT of life! As you enter my house, this is the first room that people see. It used to be empty, but now I have my Patio set in there (I didn't have a covered patio in the back yard, so we have to bring it in during winter season). It would be nice to have a Great Room where I can actually entertain guests/friends. -Colorado Springs, CO

We've Got A Poet On Our Hands Folks!

((To the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb"))

Andrew had a remodel, remodel, remodel Andrew had a remodel, and a bunch of design concerns

Garrison had an answer, answer, answer Garrison had an answer, and $5,000 bucks to burn

So Andrew entered daily, daily, daily Andrew entered daily, to win the contest soon


Still haven't entered? Need more inspiration for why you should enter to win? Only 3 days left, so click here and get signed up!