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Commissioned Art 101: Zatista Shares How To Create The Custom Piece Of Art Of Your Dreams

Guess what? The reputable online gallery, Zatista’s  very own Jordan Milne (Co-Founder and VP of Business Development) is visiting our blog again and he is going to tell us how your dream piece of commissioned art is within your reach!Most people don’t realize that getting artwork commissioned is possible, let alone a click away. The opportunity to have a world-class artist bring your vision from a blank canvas to reality in the form of a beautiful, unique piece of art just might be closer than you might think…


What Is A Commissioned Piece Of Art And What’s The Process Like?

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Commissioned artwork is a one-of-a-kind custom piece of art created specifically for you by the artist. Having an exclusive piece of art sounds pretty fancy, right? Similar to working with interior designers, having a commissioned piece of art is a collaborative process, where the artist listens to what you want and desire to get from your artwork. The artist will listen to your likes and dislikes so that your vision is turned into a timeless piece of art. The work can be anything you dream up, and the result can be exceptional.


Why You Should Consider Investing In Commissioned Artwork

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Artwork and interior design go hand in hand, because a custom piece can be a show-stopping feature for your interior design. Think about how great it would be to have a fantastic story behind your artwork! It will be sure to help set your space apart and will be a fantastic conversation starter. There are many different reasons for getting a commissioned piece of artwork. For everyone it is different, what is it for you?

  • Perhaps you found an artist you love, but want something a little different or discovered a great piece only to find out it had already been sold?
  • Or maybe you have a subject close to you that you want an artist to explore or are searching for that truly unique gift to give to a friend or loved one.
  • It could be that you are looking for a particular size to fit your wall, color to match your décor or that you want the experience and enjoyment of being involved in the process.


What Makes A Commissioned Piece Of Artwork So Special?

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A commissioned work is a beautiful thing. Working hand in hand with the artist it is a unique opportunity for the buyer to influence and get close to the artistic process. The buyer interacts with the artist and the vision comes to life. The exciting part is that the final piece often ends up being even better that either the buyer or artist could ever have imagined. It also has a very special story behind it and infuses the piece with both personalities. The happiness it gives an art lover to get something created just for them is quite special – pure joy.


Tips And Tricks To Know Before You Have An Artist Create A Custom Piece Of Art

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For first time buyers, the commission process can be a little difficult to navigate along, so it’s important to be given the right knowledge. When purchasing commissioned artwork, the first priority is to have an open line of communication with your artist. Also, if you’re in a time crunch, make sure to agree on a reasonable timeline that makes sense fort both sides, so that the artist has time to complete the highest quality piece possible and you receive the finished product when you need it.


Get Started With Zatista To Have A Commissioned Piece Of Art Made For You

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When embarking on your first commissioned piece it is recommended to go with a friend or family member that has had commissioned pieces created for them before, because they know the process well and can take out a lot of the risk. Rather then heavily relying on your friends and family, Zatista has taken a lot of the risk and mystery out of having artwork created specifically for you.

Zatista has over 400 carefully selected artists from over 30 countries, many of whom do commissioned works.


The process is easy:

  • Search For Your Favorite Artist: Once you've found the artist that you would like to have create your commissioned artwork, visit the artist profile page and select "commission this artist" (on the top right hand side) to submit your no-obligation commission request


  • Zatista Reviews Your Request and Provide a Quote: In an effort to make sure Zatista customers are satisfied with the entire process, you'll be contacted by the company within 24-48 hours to review your request. Next, Zatista will help you and the artist define the project criteria and provide you with a detailed quote including cost and timeframe.


  • The Artist Starts Your Commission: If you decide to move forward with the request, the artist begins your commission and Zatista helps monitor the work as it is being completed. Upon completion, you receive a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, custom work or art to show off to your family and friends.


Some might find it intimidating initially, but it’s actually an inspiring thing to be a part of. Many art lovers start with something small and get comfortable enjoying the process before moving on to purchasing larger statement pieces. If you are having trouble narrowing down artists, or don't know where to begin, feel free to reach out directly to Account Manager Christine ( who can help find exactly what you are looking for!

Have you been inspired to have your very own commissioned artwork created for you? I mean, there is something special knowing that your art was created just for you, right?

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