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Designer Diary: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Reflects On Their Previous Month's Projects

2014 has been quite a whirlwind of awesomeness already! On the first of February, GHID launched our first-ever interior design giveaway, which was an extremely huge deal for our young company. We were so proud to say that there were 633 entries and several wonderful descriptions and photos from our friends, family and fans' homes. Shortly after the launch of our giveaway, Garrison, Amy, Collin and Daniel headed to Las Vegas for KBIS and IBS. Chanel installed another model unit in Waterfront Pearl, while Nicole, Alison and Daniel prepared for our East Coast install. There was so much more that happened from within our office walls and in client homes. Read on for more juicy details!  

$5,000 Ultimate GH iDesign Giveaway


Although I am likely biased, because I created this giveaway with Garrison, but I wanted to win this giveaway so badly! For the obvious reasons, I couldn't do that... although there were times I thought about rigging it. All joking aside, I was so very excited to see the reaction and excitement from everyone that entered. Once the giveaway launched, one of my favorite things to do was read through all of the entries and see pictures of your beautiful homes. Some entries were very touching and made it clear how much Garrison and GHID. If you missed the blogs that showcased the giveaway entries, check these two posts out!


Designers Do Las Vegas - Kitchen & Bath Industry show (KBIS) and International Builders’ Show (IBS)

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Just as you imagined, the trip started off with a dirty martini for G-Man! While they were in Vegas, Garrison, Amy, Collin and Daniel were able to see some of the latest technologies and products for kitchen and bath design. One their favorite parts of the trip was seeing the 2014 New American Home in the suburbs of Vegas. The home was spectacular with so many creative and detailed design elements! Missed the blog about their top 5 takeaways? It's right here.


Waterfront Pearl High-Rise Condo Model Unit Install

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Chanel, the lead designer on Waterfront Pearl grabbed the bull by the horns (yet again) and continues knocking gorgeous condo designs out. This particular condo faces SW Portland and allows you to soak in the beautiful views Portland has to offer. Chanel strategically designed the space so it would play to the changing Pacific Northwest seasons and surrounding colors so that they would compliment the interior decor.


New Office/Showroom Was Featured In The Portland Business Journal

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Haven't seen the awesome article yet, check it out here! It was really fun educating some of our local journalists about GHID and what some of the driving inspirations were for our office and showroom design aesthetics. We managed to sneak a photo of the photographer in our space...but I wasn't that stealthy.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Gorgeous Gifts And Home Decor

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Our showroom is officially stocked with swoon-worth furnishing, home decor and gifts. If you're in need for terrariums or other unique and gorgeous floral options, you need to stop by our showroom. We're open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm.


Design Team Heads Out To The East Coast For A Gorgeous Home Install

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I know you are all dying to see the gorgeous photos of the finished home, but we have something up our sleeves and have to keep the photos close until a later date. I appreciate that so many of you are eager to see the gorgeous work from our designers! Stay tuned for more to come. :)

We're excited to share all of the fun and exciting stuff we have in store for the month of March!