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Bring Life Inside: 7 Of The Easiest To Care For And Beautiful Indoor Plants

interior design with a snake plant, how to incorporate plants into your home, easiest plants to care for With spring oh so close, it's time to bring the life back inside! One of the easiest ways to do just that is to bring some plants into your home decor. If you are like me and don't have a green thumb (due to the smothering effect), there are beautiful options for you! Let's explore some house plant options that will add that add a designer's touch, re-energize your space and might not require you to remember to water your thirsty friends. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you'll be able to find your soul mate plant!

The "It Just Might Outlive You" Plant: The Jade Plant

This plant is great if you like to keep your home a little on the cool side. It can survive for up to two decades and since home plants never go out of style it would make a great investment. It's a low-waterer and can vary in size from 3 to 6 feet tall.

The "Make A Statement" Plant: The Ponytail Palm

Looking for a dramatic accent piece? This could be the plant for you. A cousin of the palm tree, the ponytail palm gets it's name for the sprout of leaves coming out of the top. This tree will definitely make a statement, but will also bring some beautiful greenery into your home.

The "Almost Impossible To Kill" Plant: Zeezee Plant

According to Better Homes and Gardens this plant is known as the eternity plant because it requires low light and is a challenge to kill. Now that's the kind of plant I need in my home! IMPORTANT NOTE: This plant is better in a child and pet free home as it is poisonous if eaten.

The "Edgy Eye-Catcher" Plant: The Snake Plant

Snake plant, easy to care for indoor plant, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Would you describe your home style as edgy? Then this could be your soul mate plant. The snake plant is definitely an eye catcher in any space. This is another easy-to-care for plant that is almost impossible to kill. It loves normal indoor temperatures and is guaranteed to add some drama and life to your space. We're a HUGE fan of this plant. Check out how we used this plant in our 2013 Street Of Dreams Home!

The "Cowboy's Best Friend" Plant: The Cacti Plant

Whether you live in the Southwest or not, a cactus can make a great statement in any room. The best part is they come in many shapes and sizes to suite any space. They are also one of the easiest plants to care for and forgetting to water it won't be an issue!

The "Forever Growing" Plant: The Philodendron Plant

Philodendron plant, easy to care for plant, indoor plants, easy to care for plants

This plant is great, because it is versatile and will look great in most spaces. It's perfect for a shelves or bookshelf, because it vines can grow and be strategically placed and draped throughout your home!

Hot Trend Alert: Air Plants Are All The Rage

Air plants are quite the trend right now in home interiors. They are called air plants since they don't have roots and require about 20 minutes of soak time every 2 weeks. They are very easy to care for and love to live in terrariums. If you're in the Portland area, stop by our showroom to get some great terrarium ideas like this!


Do these plants have you Googling a local plant store? You'd be surprised how much life and energy a plant can bring to a space. Did we miss your favorite easy to care for plant? Share with us - we would love to hear from you!