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Chic Solutions To Stay Organized: 9 Interior Designer Tips & Tricks For A More Organized Closet

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With spring only 9 days away, there is no better time to start thinking about your annual spring cleaning. Everyone is in need of a more organized closet…even you color-coordinating folk. I am writing this blog because I can relate to the fact that my closet isn't necessary something I am proud to show off, so I am sure that you all will also benefit from affordable ideas to live by. Also, I am aware that as much as we crave the gorgeous, customized walk-in closets, they’re not in everyone’s budget. Grab your note pad, your boxes and roll up your sleeves for this tedious, yet rewardingly great guide for everything you will need to check off of your to do list for a more organized closet. Can you imagine having such an organized closet that your morning routine might just be cut in half because you can easily access everything in your closet?


Say Buh Bye To Clutter - Purge Your Unworn Clothes And Shoes

The first and most important step in organization is to de-clutter. Go through your closet and see if there is anything you can live without. I recommend making four piles: the donate pile, the keep pile, the maybe/try it on pile, and the throw away pile. Once you've gone through everything and you haven't put anything in the donate pile or throw away pile, try your clothing on. If you love it, keep it. If you're on the fence, donate it! Clothes are one of the hardest things for me to part with, so I've created three easy tricks to live by:

  • If I haven't worn it in a year, it's probably time to donate it.
  • Ask a friend or family member their opinion.
  • Can you successfully incorporate your clothing into an outfit next week?


For Easy Access To Your Clothing - Label And Color Coordinate

If the idea of labeling your clothing makes you nauseous, an easy alternative would be to color coordinate your clothing. The positive in creating labels is that it truly will help you stay organized, because everything has a place to go. Categorizing your clothes also makes your closet appear more aesthetically pleasing and can make getting ready easier. With all your dress shirts in one space it will make getting to your 8:00 AM meeting so much easier! I am loving these labels between items on the rack. Write in a cute font or add some color to make the space your own!


No More Dollar Store Hangers - Buy The Higher Quality Hangers

There is nothing worse then jamming your hanger back into the closet only to have it break and have your shirt slip off of it onto the floor. This happens to the best of us when we are using the cheapest hangers we could possibly find. You may be balking at the idea of "investing" in higher quality hangers, but I can't stress enough to you the difference that a more durable hanger will make in your life. One of my favorite finds are velvet hangers, because it won't allow your clothes to slip off of the hangers.

Show Them Off - Display Your Shoes Like You're In A Shoe Boutique

Get creative and display your shoes in a way that enhances your interior decor, but also allows for you to easily access your favorite kicks. I've always been one to strategically place my favorite heels and there are so many ways I've done this over the years. Having less living space will force you to come up with creative solutions.

Motivated To Get Started?

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Don't forget, we're here to help! If your closet is already organized and you're ready to make the investment in a custom closet, we have a fabulous closet specialist onsite here at GHID.

Did we miss your favorite trick when organizing your closet? Share it with us!