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Green Interior Design Done Right - The Anti-Pinch Rooms!

How is it already March, let alone almost St. Patrick's Day?! Since St. Patty's Day is only days away, we're going to celebrate this widely celebrated holiday on our blog. Last year, we celebrated this fabulous holiday by looking at rooms that featured our beloved quatrefoil. This year, we're going to be showing off some of our favorite rooms that feature green interior decor. These rooms feature some spectacularly designed rooms with the color green. Get lost in some of the rooms below to save yourself from being pinched!  

The Curves In This Mid-Century Modern Green Sofa Are Making Us Go Crazy, In The Right Ways

I can't take my eyes off this space! The lines in the two-toned green sofa scream mid-century modern furniture in all of the right ways. This interior designer knew the right ways to balance this space.

Old Townhouse Turned Modern Marvel With Various Green Hued Interior Decor

Besides the obvious reasons someone would love this room, the tall ceilings and beautiful big windows lighten up this space. This room teeters on mid-century modern and eclectic interior decor.


Photography That Enhances All Of The Carefully Selected Design Elements

These vaulted ceilings are offset with a large piece of art and fabulous light fixture. The contemporary feeling in this room really pop with the green and wooden floors. The angle of this photo adds so much depth to this space and features the great design elements in this home. Can we get an amen for those drool-worthy green velvet chairs?


High-Contrasting Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

What is not to love in this space? The light colored chevron hardwood floors help offset the rich green paint color on the walls. The light colored chair and ottoman combined with the fabulous credenza just make this space.


Pairing Your Green Interior Decor With Burl Home Decor Is A Hit

The dark green grass cloth wallpaper helps create a solid foundation for this spectacularly designed dining room. The dark walls also help make the emerald silk chairs and solid burl dining room table pop in this space.

Neutral Colored Walls Let The Bedroom Home Decor Take The Stage

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Are you ready for the holiday? If you weren't before you read this post, you surely are now! Share some of your favorite elements of each of these spaces.