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Designing For A Music Legend - A SXSW Pop-Up Home Done In Style For Snoop Dogg

I love Emily Henderson...but then again, who doesn't?! Emily was the chosen one to design a South By Southwest (SXSW) Airbnb pop-up pseudo home for none other then Snoop Dogg. I am too excited not to share more about an awesome collaboration between two insanely talented people. Since I couldn't be in Austin to see the beautiful interior design and hear/meet Snoop Dogg, I have been scouring the internet to stay updated on the inspiration of the his design, the progress of the interiors coming together, and the finished design for Snoop Dogg's SxSW home.

What is SxSW?

SxSW is an annual three fold conference and festival held in Austin, TX; music, film, interactive. The event/festival is five days long, where over 2,000 showcasing artists performed at the festival, including Lady Gaga, and some of the most cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity are all located in one city. There are so many facets to this conference aside from the music aspect, but for the purposes of the blog, we'll stay focused on the interior design of Snoop Dogg's house designed by Emily Henderson.

Want to read more about this great annual event, click here.

Inspiration Mood Board For Snoop Dogg's SxSW Airbnb Pop-Up House

Emily is very perceptive of her clients and picks up on what their interior design tastes are in a short amount of time, so it's no surprise that this mini house turned out great for Snoop Dogg. Her quick ability to pick up on a client's design tastes could be attributed to Emily's HGTV days where she labeled people with fun design styles, but Snoop also played a huge role in the overall design process too. Since the famed rapper was really involved in the design process, he showed Emily some design elements, particularly around lighting and wallpaper, that he wanted in this home.

That's A Wrap - Snoop Dogg's SxSW Pop-Up Airbnb Final Home Rendering

The Airbnb pop-up house allows Snoop Dogg fans to come into a tailored home to the West Coast rapper design taste and hang out with him at 2014 SxSW. Airbnb thought up this creative "village" ideas so SxSW attendees could come in, drink some bloody mary's and hang out under the Austin sunshine, while getting the unique sense of traveling through Airbnb. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), he wanted a psychedelic color scheme that housed affordable and comfortable home decor.

Interior Design By Emily Henderson & Snoop Dogg At SxSW

This pop-up home is so darn cute and quaint! Although the home isn't necessarily my design taste, I still see how it is 100% designed for Snoop. One element that is obviously tailored for him is the BO$$ light that changes colors like a mood ring (ok, I made that up). Other elements that I am fully embracing are the large windows, bejeweled 420 mailbox and golden wallpaper. Lets go inside to take a closer look at the interior decor that Emily carefully selected for her famous client.

Inside Look At Snoop Dogg's Home Decor In Texas

Snoop Dogg chose this blue velvet tufted sofa because it looked comfortable and more affordable than other sofa options presented to him. He wanted a space that people felt comfortable enough to come into and stay for a while.

 Up Close And Personal With Snoop Dogg

Although this spaces feels comfortable, you get a sense of luxury with the velvet sofa, shag rug and furry throw.

So, what do you think? Will you be visiting Airbnb at the 2015 SxSW? If Snoop came this year, who do you think will be their star?