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Things Are Really Looking Up Around Here - Unconventional Ways To Spice Up Your Ceiling

Last week, I shared that wallpaper is definitely back in the interior design world and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As we move along in our journey of fabulous wall covering options, we're going to be thinking of the ceiling. I know you may be thinking to yourself that the ceiling of a home isn't considered a wall, but I beg to differ. What all sparked this blog post idea was when I caught wind that an interior designer at GHID is using wallpaper to inspire a ceiling design element of a client's home to bring a luxe organic feel to a refined home office space. Lets explore some creative and fun ways to take your ceiling from "why look up" to having your guests ask to lay on your floor. No one misses the days when we had to remove popcorn ceiling, but it would be highly beneficial to consider decorating your ceiling with something that will help create interest in your home decor.

Century Old Homes That Feature Great Architectural Details, Like Dramatic Vaulted Ceilings

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of the homes activities. In this particular kitchen it is distinguished by a dramatic vaulted limestone ceiling striped with steel beams. I am so in love with this look! Where can I sign up for an interesting, yet beautiful kitchen ceiling like this?


Ceilings That Reflect Light And Add An Impact To The Overall Interior Design

Who needs can lighting or other light fixtures inset into your ceiling, when you can group lighting in nets? This huge living room has an extra warmth and glow that cozies up this space nicely. The ceiling appears to be decorated with a chrome colored tin and really ties together this industrial loft feeling interior decor.

Futuristic Looking Metal Curved Ceiling  

Those of you that watch the show Portlandia may recognize this fun and funky house! This master bedroom uses corrugated metal to add extra emphasis to the arched roof line. That's so Portlandia!


Layered Wood Panels Decorate This Dramatic Home

I can't take my eyes off of this luxe vignette! Quite honestly, I love everything about this photo, which is partly why I decided to include it in the blog about cool ceilings. I also haven't seen layered paneled wood ceilings included in a home quite like this one. The furniture in this space is dramatic, luxurious and gorgeous, which is grounded by the black painted wood ceiling feature.



This beautiful home is situated in a location that takes us halfway across the globe to Kenya. Suzanne Kasler designed this alluring home and did a wonderful job creating comfort with luxe interior decor. Here is the Pacific Northwest we couldn't build a home like this open air home, but you could quite easily recreate a tent-like ceiling with the rugged soaring ceiling details.


What other cool ceiling designs or ideas have you seen that you really like? And why aren't you calling up your local interior designer to help you make your vision your reality?