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Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger Shares What Clients Are Asking For This Year

Yesterday, Garrison spoke at the 2014 Buldright conference that the Home Builders Association (HBA) put on for members to attend. This event is meant to educate people in the design and building industries on the latest trends, technologies and product offerings. Although the entire conference was beneficial and offered wonderful insight about high performance building and remodeling, I'm going to highlight what Garrison talked about, because we love interior design, right?

2014 Interior Design Trends To Keep A Look Out For

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Garrison identified some interior design trends that he has seen his clients ask for this year. One element of design that clients have been asking Garrison for this year is what he dubs as industrial edge. Industrial edge allows his clients the opportunity to incorporate raw materials into his designs like raw wood, glass and steel. Above, you'll see a recently complete project where he brought the outdoors indoors. Mixing materials is a great way to industrial edge into your home, but you need to work really closely with your trades people to ensure that no detail is overseen.

Bringing Industrial Interior Design Into Your Home In Subtle Ways

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This home was beautiful when it was purchased, but the clients of this home wanted to add their personal touch to it. As part of the design, GHID added an industrial feel to the space by specifying various sized large tiles to help accentuate the off-center fireplace. To create more interest in this space, the designers also added a steel mantel that added a sense of industrial chic.

Sophisticated Industrial Edge Keeps This Beach House Looking Polished

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Seahound Ranch is one of my favorite projects, because it is J and Garrisons' beach house. Although I haven't been, this beach house reaffirms that a dated home can become a beautiful retreat with a limited budget. This fireplace was updated with large neutral tiles and an accent steel piece that added a certain pop in this space that helps make this transitional home make a lasting impression.

Slide To The Right, Slide To The Left - Sliding Doors

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One thing I learned about Garrison during his discussion was that he hates the words "barn doors." Rather then complicating things, Garrison keeps it simple and calls them exactly what they are, "sliding doors." Clients are so on board with this interior design "trend" and are identifying this as one of their home must-haves.


Adding Functionality To A Regular Sliding Door

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One of my favorite features in our showroom and office space in the Rejuvenation building are the barn doors or sliding doors. Most of the time, clients and shoppers love this unique feature, because it is functional and beautiful. We've all seen the sliding doors that are flat, but our designers added an element of gorgeous real estate to show off our fabulous showroom gifts and home decor.

The Color Guru Tells Us About His Secret Paint Tips And Tricks

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I don't want to give away all of Garrison's secrets, but I must say he is clearly onto something. GHID is well known for our colorful design, so it's no surprise to hear why Garrison does what he does. He uses wall paint colors that either have violet undertones or green undertones. One really great tip he tells us is that violet undertones are reflective and help creates a lift in the room!

Stay Neutral - It Allows For A Warm And Cohesive Design In Your Home

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Garrison also says that using neutrals throughout a home will add a sense of warmth. If you're looking to add some pattern and texture to your home just make sure that you use the same base color to create a cohesive look throughout your design.
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