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Hotel Interiors Around The World: 4 Fabulous Destinations Worth Adding To Your Must-See Spots

Spring break isn't quiet like it used to be for me! The sun was shining here in Portland yesterday, so I still was able to reap some benefits of spring break, but since I have a big girl job now and can't go on any trips this week, I too need a vacation...preferably a free one. I have this weird habit of looking for fabulous hotels around that world that I will likely never go to, but are worthy of me drooling over, even for just a minute. The travel bug has bitten me and I am ready to jet set to some tropical and sunny place on my virtual vacation. Lets look at some beautiful destination hotels that have great views, beautiful grounds and even better interiors and decor! Today, we're headed to some sunny locations that won't leave us feeling jet lagged, what do you say? Will you join me?

Best Hotels To Stay In When Visiting The Seven Wonders Of The World

Since there are no rules or budget for our mini vacation, lets go big! The first stop in our spring break vacation is in Cairo, Egypt at the Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa. I am particularly attracted to this hotel since the backdrop is made up of Egypt's breathtaking views of the Giza Pyramids, one of the seven ancient wonders of the World. This stunning, contemporary hotel is located a little over a mile from the Sphinx too. Talk about an ideally located hotel in Cairo. The interiors of this space mimic the natural tones of the hotels surroundings with sandy browns and creamy hued furniture.

I See The Eifle Tower From Bed - Living The Parisian Lifestyle While Visiting France

Everyone loves Paris, or the idea of Paris. I was able to visit Paris a few years ago, and I have to say that everything just feels more romantic...even if you go there single. The interiors of the Shangri-La Hotel were designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon with a beautiful mix between luxury minimalist and empire royalty. Each hotel suite is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly into the building's structure and is adorned with decor that are shades of blue, white and ecru. This space looks like it could easily be a GHID-designed room, although I bet we'd put a brighter pop of color somewhere in this sophisticated hotel room.

I Feel Like I Am On Top Of The World - Oh, I Am Just In The Tallest Building In The World

Are you ready to feel like you've just joined the 1%? Just looking at the photos of the Armani Hotel in Dubai makes me feel like I have arrived at the front steps of the upper echelon...and it feels good! This uber modern hotel was exclusively design by Georgio Armani and is located in Dubai in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The interiors of the suites are so simply designed, yet the hotel features clean lines and several luxurious textures in a sophisticated color palette, similar to his fashion line. If the food is as tasty as it is beautiful, then I think it would be smart to order some room service to enjoy while looking over the city of Dubai from the comfort of your modern hotel room.

Head Down Under For Some Real Rest & Relaxation

New Zealand has been on my radar for years! So when I found The Lodge At Kauri Cliffs, which is located in Matauri Bay, I knew I wanted to investigate more. When I saw the exterior of the lodge, it made me feel like I was transplanted to a plantation farm house. I am sure that when you enter into this lodge, you're treated like family. The interiors are not over the top, but the neutral toned interior decor is welcoming and traditional. It makes you feel like you're in the comfort of your own home in a far away place. I want to open those french doors and curl up in front of the fireplace while contemplating if I'd rather spend my day exploring the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, or feel the sand in between my toes.

Travel Tip: If you are able to actually visit the great staff at the lodge, make sure to ask them to pack you a picnic before you head out to a private beach, called Pink Beach.

Although I would stay at any of these hotels or lodges, I like to be treated like a local when I travel, so I think I am leaning towards booking a trip to New Zealand and staying at The Lodge At Kauri Cliffs. The idea of having a tasty picnic packed for me with love by the staff sounds delectably wonderful! Out of these four destinations, where do you think you'd rather stay? Feel free to submit some of your favorite hotels around the world and it might make it in our blog!