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Sophisticated Industrial Interior Design: Get Inspired With Unique & Fabulous Wall Covering Ideas

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Last week in our journey of fabulous wall covering options, we were looking up to the ceilings for some inspiration! Your interior decor is a very important aspect of the overall interior design of your home, but how 'bout them walls? Lets look back at to your walls for some unconventional wall coverings inspiration and eye candy. Today's blog was inspired by Garrison and his partner, J. As Garrison and his partner are having their new home remodeled, J has been staying at their beach home, where they have a phenomenal accent wall made of reclaimed wood. To make a greater impact in a small space, they brought in some natural elements for a sophisticated industrial look. Lets take a closer look at some other beautiful and unique ways to dress up your walls, so you won't need to be asking what cool wall coverings are out there!

Are You Done With Those Jeans? I'd Like To Create A Wallpaper With Them...

Chicago restaurateurs Billy Lawless and Branko Palikuca teamed up to open a two-story restaurant creatively named The Dawson. The space was created by drawing inspiration from the area’s industrial past, incorporating reclaimed wood, salvaged brick, and exposed steel into the 12,400-square-foot space. Upstairs near the fireplace, a chevron-print denim wall covering adorns the wall to create a cozy ambiance. The hand-crafted denim wall covering was created by a very talented artist Anna Wolfson. If you haven't heard of her have to see her other work, she is T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D.

Feeling Blue? This Blue Scale Design Will Leave You Wanting More!

Sometimes masculine interior design makes sweeping generalizations about what men really want in their homes. In this industrial home, that is not the case. The blue scale design generates interest with a modern spin on the design. Visual texture was strategically brought into this space with a velvet sectional sofa, leather paneled down pillows and the geometric rug. The patina sheets of blue steel on the wall create depth and transport you to an abandoned warehouse where this skateboarder might practice perfecting his skills.

That's A Big... Slab! These Large-scale Porcelain Slabs Will Blow Your Mind

I was first virtually introduced to the product, MAXFINE when some of our beautiful team snapped a fun photo in front of a large-scale porcelain slab that looked like a geode at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). Our team fell in love with this product and we are specifying it for a lobby bathroom in an upcoming project we're working on. This product isn't just for commercial projects. You can incorporate this stunning porcelain slab into your bathrooms, kitchens or even in a modern master bedroom designs. Don't feel limited with this gorgeous product.

Who is ready to give their walls a facelift after reading this blog? I am! I can't select my favorite wall covering option...they're all too fabulous!