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Interior Design That Is Bursting With Style And Wonderful Sun-Inspired Home Decor

When I was younger my dad used to sing, "Here Comes The Sun" to me. It always happened to be around the beginning of spring...I think he was onto something. In anticipation of the sunshine, I've been singing that song in my head for weeks! Since the spring time doesn't really represent sunshine, but rather that the summer is only one season away, I am craving more sunshine. It is probably obvious to you loyal blog readers with this week's blog post about taking a virtual vacation. Instead of looking outside for sunshine today, I am looking indoors for it. Today, we are going to be looking at unique and cool ways that you can add some extra "sun" bursts into your new interior design or existing home decor and furnishings.  

Time Travel To The 70's With Jonathan Adler's Interior Design

This room is fabulously retro, but I'm loving every bit of this bedroom! Does this room not make you smile? On the far wall, you'll find your glimmer of sunshine with the retro sunburst golden mirror peeking from behind the wall that is dividing the room. I love how the mirror is balanced in this space and generates a ton of interest, even as it competes with that retro textured wallpaper.

Fireworks Are Going Off In This Nature-Inspired Dining Room

This is an oldie, but a goodie! We first featured this photo on our blog back in 2011, but we spoke about how natural elements were brought into this space. Some of the ways that this gorgeous dining room's interior design incorporates nature are in more obvious ways, like the raw wood applications, or are more subtle references, like the tone on tone floral wallpaper. Since there are so many references to the outdoors in this space, I couldn't help but take the sunburst light fixture above the dining room table as a nod to the sunshine.

Golden Sputnik-Inspired Chandelier Shines Light On Penthouse Guests

Interior designer Athena Calderone's Brooklyn penthouse is a gorgeously designed with industrial eclectic decor. Aside form the fact that I am swooning over that royal blue tufted bench, the 1950's Sputnik-style chandelier is just as fabulous! The chandelier creates visual interest in her vaulted ceiling entryway and helps warm the space up for when her guests arrive.

Get Your Rays - A Colorless Chandelier Sparkles In This Den

If you love black and white, you can still add some extra sparkle to your home's decor! This den showcases a 1960s Murano-glass chandelier in the newly renovated New Orleans home. Normally, I wouldn't think clear glass is similar to the sun, but in this space, the chandelier is the center of attention.

Bright Living Room Design - Less Literal Sunburst Light Fixture

Although you all might be thinking this light fixture is more reminiscent of an artichoke versus a sun, I'd like to challenge you all to dig deeper...or humor me. Artichokes are in season in the spring time! Spring + artichokes = sunshine is coming! I know it is a stretch, but this room is beautiful, bright and with that beautiful light pouring through the tall windows, I couldn't resist including this space in the blog! Does it not scream spring is here?!

After seeing these fabulously designed spaces with sun inspired light fixtures, do you feel like singing "Here Comes The Sun" yet?