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Window Coverings 101: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Window Treatments

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Who loves saving big on all things related to your home?! GHID offers 25% off of your entire Hunter Douglas window coverings purchase and will give you a free window design consultation. Although you're likely thinking that is where the savings stop for you, you're mistaken; there is more! The Hunter Douglas Celebration of Light Savings event starts today - no this is not an April Fools' Day Joke - and runs through June  13. The limited time savings event offers additional rebates per unit on select styles, which means even greater savings on window treatments! We know that making the decision to invest and install window coverings can sometimes be a daunting task; however, involving a design consultant can help ease that stress. Our window coverings expert, Collin Kayser is going to share 5 reasons why window coverings are worth the investment, and hopefully the information he shares on window coverings will make you feel better about giving us a call today.

Privacy Makes Perfect - Window Treatments Create The Privacy You Desire

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Many of us live in areas where we have a neighbor right across a fence or a stone’s throw away. Window coverings of all kinds can help us create a privacy barrier. It allows the user to dictate what can and can’t be seen from outside the home. Typically, this relates to the main living area of the home and the bedroom.

Be In Control - Window Coverings That Offer You The Control Of Lighting In Your Home

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Having the ability to control how much light enters the space improves the function of the room. For example, room darkening fabric choices create a dark environment for individuals who are sensitive to light when sleeping. Other light filtering fabrics reduce the intensity of light, making the room more suitable to watching TV or working on a computer.

Get Your Moneys Worth - Window Blinds That Offer Insulating Properties

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Windows are one of the major sources of air leakage in a home. This can be in part to the material composition of the window and the how the window was installed. Having window coverings act as a layer of insulation between the exterior and the interior can improve the efficiency of the home. During cold months, it helps prevent cold air from entering the room and helps retain the interior heat. During warm months, it keeps heat from entering the space and cool air from exiting. As a result, the home’s systems (heating, air conditioning, etc.) do not have to work as hard. In return, it saves you, the homeowner, money.

Save Money Long-Term - Don't Let The Sun Fade Your Home Decor

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The sun’s UV rays aren’t just damaging to people. They can take their toll on the materials and furnishing we have throughout our home. This primarily is in the form of fading. Installing window coverings and controlling the light that enters the interior can increase the lifetime of items such as: hardwood floors, art, textiles, upholstery goods, cabinetry, rugs, and carpet.

Complete Your Home's Interior Design - Window Coverings Are Pretty

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Lastly, a window covering (drapery, shade, blind, shutter, etc.) can truly enhance the aesthetic of a room. It is a finishing element that makes the room feel thoughtfully designed and complete.

Even if you're still unsure which window treatments would be the best fit for you and your needs, contact GHID today and we'll help you pick the perfect ones out! You can set up an appointment with Collin by calling 971.255.0326. Beware, you'll be saving a ton of money if you order before June 13 and you to take advantage of the amazing rebates Hunter Douglas has to offer.