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Interior Design And Photography Eye Candy - Two Moments In Time Seem Like They Were Meant To Be Together

I love collecting photos of beautiful photography and stunning home interiors. Today, I have captured two totally unrelated moments in time and made them look interconnected by brining them side by side. Without reading this blog, you'd think the photography on the left was the inspiration behind the design of the spaces featured on the right, that isn't the case. I find pure joy in pairing beauty with interiors. Who knows, I may create a book someday about it. :) I had to insert a shameless plug for publishers to get in touch with me for a fun book idea. Unlike normal blogs, this blog is merely about beauty. Let your eyes enjoy the ride!

Palm Leaves Swaying In The Whirling Wind At The Eclectic Farm House

I'm on vacation, right? Okay, I may not be on vacation, but the palm leaves make me think I am in a tropical place. The interior color choices, mixed patterns and textures seem like this space is situated in some far away plantation farm house turned into a chic bed & breakfast. I love the way the designer played with the green tones to mimic the swaying palm tree leaves that stand tall just outside of this room.

Fragrant Fuchsias Swirling Around This Feminine Dining Room

This could be my favorite photo pairing, but that also could be attributed to the fact that I would absolutely die to go to Bangalore's outdoor flower market! The beautiful floral hues can be seen dotted throughout this fabulously feminine dining area. In a similar way that the flowers are gathered in hand-woven baskets, I find that the bright pops of colors are in collected areas which make a grander statement.

Classy, Sophisticated And Dapper Businessman's Luxe Pad

Recently I found an interest in vintage cars, so I felt like it was an obvious choice to incorporate an attractively shiny car with an interior space that echoed the same dapper style. The curves of the car and the perfectly moisturized leather seats can be see translated into this fabulously sophisticated foyer and stairway through the color selections of the glossy black hardwoods, solid wrap around staircase and high contrasting color scheme.

Up-And-Coming Restaurant Owner Creates Award-Winning Recipes In His Industrial Edge Abode

There is something that is just so simply attractive about both of these photos. It could be the natural ombre coloring in the pear, or the relaxed feeling I get when I see the reclined contemporary chair. It just seems effortless. This photo collection seems almost as though the rustic Pacific Northwest restaurant owner lives in the masculine bachelor pad on the right. Maybe he stays up late at night creating ingenious flavor pairings for a thirst quenching beverage to add to his new restaurants menu? Either way, I love these two photos together.


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