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EMBARK MAGAZINE: How To Bring Colorful Interior Decor Into Your Home At Season Changes

interior design digital magazines, best interior designers, best portland interior designers GHID was approached a few months ago to be a part of Embark Magazine's premiere issue! Embark magazine is a stylish living guide to getting the most out of your home and life. We are so excited to see how huge the magazine is going to get and we cannot wait to be featured again in their digital magazine. If you haven't checked out their first issue, you must check it out, because it is full of great home decor tips and tricks, phenomenal designers and much more. In case you don't check out the issue, we are showing you GHID's story that you may have missed!


The Key To A Beautiful Home - Creating A Home That You'll Love For Years To Come

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Portland-based interior designer, Garrison Hullinger is known for creating colorful interiors that echo your style done beautifully, so it’s no shock that he is dishing on color! He leads us on an affordable, yet sophisticated guide to bring colorful décor back into your home to reflect the budding flowers and sunny skies.

Interior Designer, Garrison is on a mission to swap the winter blues out with the spring hues! “I try to create homes that encompass something colorful and comfortable, yet embodies timeless design,” he says of his design. “There is nothing better than knowing someone is going to love living in their home for years to come.”

The color guru is an aficionado for finding colorful home décor that is both functional and practical, even when it comes to updating a home’s interior décor for the changing seasons. “Many people think that they cannot afford to update their interiors with fabulously chic décor that mimics the seasonal changes, but that isn’t the truth.” He urges you to “build up your arsenal of beautiful things by being smart and purchasing linens, pillows and the like after each season for some great deals.”

Update Your Home Decor With Colorful Decor By Creating A List Of Items To Update

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No matter what the size of your home is, or what your budget is, swapping out the previous seasons’ décor can be a simple and fun task that you can look forward to doing within your own home. Rather than thinking about swapping bigger items out, like sofas, rugs, etc. think smaller scale. “Again, it depends on your budget, but create a list of items in each room that need to be purged and then you’re left with your starting point.” He urges people to “store your extra-warm throws, pillows and wintery scented candles and bring out the freshness of spring with colorful, light and airy home décor.”

Create Colorful Centerpieces For A Special Touch When Entertaining At Home

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“Dining rooms are my favorite place to start a seasonal swap out, because it’s the easiest place to update, and that’s where most of the entertaining happens.” He says to, “consider adding a bold colored geometric table cloth or runner on your dining room table for a playful touch. If given an option select fragrant flowers over variety for a fresher appeal; such as gardenia.” Here’s to you sprucing up a fresh and new look for spring!

I was able to write my very first magazine article, which I thought was pretty darn cool! Since Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is well known for using color, we thought there would be no better way than to highlight ways to incorporate colorful decor into your home and the change of a season. What did you think of GHID's first article for Embark Magazine?