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Designing For Purpose: Portland-Based Interior Design Firm Gives Back In a Beautiful Way For A Local Non-Profit

We were so thrilled to be a part of the Home Builders Foundation (HBF) Gala again this year! If you're unfamiliar with what the HBF is, this inspirational philanthropic association harnesses the home building industry resources to create opportunities for the home building community to use their unique skills to improve the Portland community. The Gala is an annual auction to celebrate with the community and raise funds for the shelter development program. The work that the HBF does is vital in helping end homelessness. GHID is proud to be a philanthropic donor to this heart-warming event. We decorated the gorgeous auction room at The Nines Hotel. This year, we had some great DIY projects that tapped into the silver and crystal themed gala. Missed out on what we did last year? We wrote about creating floral arrangements for the Gala, but this year we will give behind the scene set up photos!!

Quick Facts About The Home Builders Foundation

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  • HBF has granted more than $160,000 in scholarship funds to high school and college students in Oregon
  • Through HBF's Painting a Better Tomorrow program, their community outreach program, over 1,000 volunteers have given 8,200 hours to local shelters in the form of building maintenance, landscaping and painting projects
  • Through HomeAid, their shelter development program, they have built transitional shelter for the homeless totaling more than $2 million dollars in value, with almost half of that being donated in the form of in-kind labor and materials


A Game Plan For An Effective Auction Setup - Get Organized Ahead Of Time

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It was pretty much all hands on deck for the Silver and Crystal HBF Gala this year, because we wanted to ensure gorgeous design and seamless execution. Philos was getting his hands dirty in the white decorative sand, while others were getting the glass globes ready to be hung by the silver painted tree branch centerpieces!

Come Up With A Strategy - Assembly Lines Are Perfect For Creating Multiple Centerpieces


I have to say that someone was a genius...Alison...for having people get into assembly lines so GHID could create multiple centerpieces for the Gala. Looks like Kendra (interior design intern) was in charge of getting the moss into the vase, while Ashton strategically placed the branches. Chanel got the drape the bling on the trees. A great tip to keep in mind when you're looking for a uniform design is to create an assembly line. Let one person perfect their contribution to the centerpiece and've got a gorgeous outcome!

The Final Touches On The 2014 HBF Silver and Crystal Gala

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We were very proud of how gorgeous the design of the Gala...I mean, it doesn't hurt that this year the auction was held at The Nines, but overall we loved it. Alison was a great team leader and pulled off a gorgeous lighting design with a limited budget!!

We've already been receiving rave reviews of our design...and word on the street is that the auction raised more money than they expected! At the end of the day, we love creating a spectacular ambiance for Gala attendees, but it is truly about giving back to the community. We are always very excited to utilize our skill set, donate our designers time and donate our decor so that we can give back to the community in a beautiful way.