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Designer Diaries: Hailey Tells Us How To Host A Stress-Free & Fabulous Party In Your Home

Hailey our Showroom Assistant had a beautiful and fun retro house wife themed bridal shower at her house last weekend, and it was too cute not to share with all of you! On a weekly basis, I am pretty sure that I say, "Hailey is like our very own Martha Stewart." She is stopping by our blog today to give us the inside scoop on what details need to be considered in order to pull off a very cute and stress-free at home party. Hi guys! I absolutely love having friends and family in my home. Since I enjoy making the house look nice, it only seems natural that I also love making a cute theme come to life. I don't enjoy being stressed about events that are supposed to be joyful, so a little extra attention to detail ahead of time is worth it! Giving the mom or bride-to-be a special day to remember is an honor and being in the moment and able to enjoy it, is a lot more fun than the alternative! I hope these tips help you create special, memorable and stress-FREE parties!

TIP #1: Create A List Of Everything That Needs To Be Done Prior To The Event

Stay organized! Make a master list of everything that needs to get done before the event. I include every little detail I want to be a part of the party, from lighting candles at the last minuet to the counters being wiped down. I start checking things off the list as soon as appropriate. I like to shop early for all decor, themed napkins, gifts etc., at least a week before the event. Then I spend the week leading up to the event checking things off my list. It allows me to make it a great party with lots of details, but with only a little effort every night after work.

Tip #2: Be Crafty And Creative With Your Party Decor

Don’t spend too much on small décor that will get swallowed up by your house. You can make a big impact with inexpensive décor. Some great ideas for affordable home decor:

  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Stickers on string to make dot garlands
  • Buy large bulk rolls of paper for table cloths and they can double as wrapping paper!
  • You’ll be surprised what you can find at the Dollar Store!! (Vases, streamers, colored candy, pinwheels, floral supplies, such as moss or decorative rocks)
  • Buy inexpensive in-season flowers like, daffodils, carnations, gypsophila, or try the farmers market for big mixed pre-arranged bouquets.

TIP #3: It's All About Quality Vs. Quantity When It Comes To Food

displaying food in an attractive, interior designers throwing a party, how to set up your food area for a party

Have good food, not lots of food. Choose a few delicious dishes and make an appropriate quantity for your group. Thinking of the guest of honorI  when choosing a menu is important and thoughtful. If your mom to be or bride to be has special food needs, or favorite foods it will mean a lot to them that you catered the menu to them.

*This was a retro housewife themed bridal shower and the bride-to-be happened to love bacon so I had fun with BACON as the food theme!

TIP #4: Select Your Party Theme

great ideas for bridal parties, cute themes for a party, retro themes

Choose a theme! I love a good party theme!! Create or choose invitations that coordinate with your theme and that will set the tone before the party even starts. If you can't nail down one theme, even just choosing a color scheme will guide your decorations, napkins and table settings. If those colors "happen" to coordinate with your home's color scheme it will look even more fantastic!

TIP #5: Think About Tableware That You Already Have

tips and tricks for at home entertaining, drink stations for home entertaining, how to display drinks at parties

I have gathered tableware that is all white and clear glass, so I can pull out many sizes of serving dishes and they all coordinate together and with all seasons and occasions. I've slowly invested in things, or I borrow items that I still need.

 Tip #6: Share Your Duties With Your Best Beauty

family and friends, hailey boice parties, at home entertaining

Co-Host!! Each hostess has her strengths and when you play to those you’ll have a great event! I love to decorate (duh!) and create the invitations, so often that is what I ask to contribute. Sharing the financial and time consuming parts of throwing your friend or family a great celebration makes the day so much less stressful, and allows you to have fun while preparing for the day, too.

If you're in need of fun ideas for hosting your very own party, stop by our showroom and see some great entertaining gifts that I thoughtfully purchased! Cheers to a successful party that your friends and family will love!