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TEDxPortland Takeaways For Designers - Get Inspired And Be The Best You Can Be

  This past weekend, I was able to attend TEDxPortland. In order to claim your spot at the Keller Auditorium, you had to get there an hour before the show kicked off. The energy was electrifying! I knew Saturday was going to be a good day, full of inspiration. Before I dive into how absolutely inspiring and wonderful this event was, I will provide some back-story on TEDx. The mission of TEDx's is to "spread ideas worth sharing." As their website says, the program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TEDx-like experiences on a local level. This year was Portland's fourth hosting one the motivational events and I was lucky enough to attend, thanks to G-man! I have to provide you all with the disclaimer that this isn't 100% related to interior design, but I will do my best to connect the dots for you. At the end of the day, the life lessons that I was able to take away from the event were applicable to everybody in any industry.


TEDxPortland 2014 Theme - Perfect

This year's theme, Perfect created quite a bit of clatter among those attending, because we're all aware that there is no such thing as perfect. Rather then taking things so literally, each speaker wove the idea of perfection throughout their sessions. Overall - and to no surprise - the common message was that your imperfections make you "perfect." Aaron James Draplin of DDC gave some of the greatest advice any business or person should and could apply to their business practices: invent your clients, invent your life. One common misconception in business is that you are supposed to capture everybody's attention. That isn't the case, don't forget that whether you're looking to hire a graphic designer or an interior designer, you have to make sure that they are just as much of a great fit for you and your needs. Other speakers like Frank Moore, the sweetest 91 year old man said that his judgement has led him to a damn near perfect life. You may be asking how you can relate the word perfect to you and your life, or company? Do you. Keep striving for more and for better. You'll find your "perfect."


Advice From Some Of The Creative Minds And Designers In Portland

Zalika Gardner a passionate school improvement specialist for the Portland Public Schools spoke at the event about the power of listening. Although the "perfect" theme wasn't at the forefront of her talk, she touched on one of my favorite topics of the day. Often times, our society forces us to not be present, create assumptions and spend a lot less time connecting and truly listening to people than we should. She said that we create this certainty that we know what the other person will say and through assumption, arrogance and fear, we are not true listeners. In the interior design industry, you do truly have to listen to your clients and peers to ensure an accurate design, but you can turn this task of "listening" into an area of opportunity. We can always improve on our listening skills, whether it be in the work place or in your personal life Turn your assumption into curiosity, your arrogance into humility and your fear into courage. Lose the assumption that we have more to teach than to learn and you'll become a better listener.


Latest Technology For Your Home - Wireless Electricity

The most relevant and exciting chat for those in the interior design industry, or those that are searching for some of the latest technologies for your home, this is the coolest new home technology!! This new technology is called WiTricity and is wireless electricity beamed from a base station to an electrical device. Now...if you're like me that sounds very confusing, so essentially imagine a wireless pad (for lack of a better word) that you can place under or near your laptop, cell phone and other mobile devices and it will charge wirelessly. You could start having your interior designers, architects and builders include the WiTricity source within your countertops, bathrooms, bedside tables, etc. Imagine never having to fight over who has less battery to select who gets first dibs on charging their cell phone.

If you have any questions around other themes and great takeaways, don't hesitate to ask me on our Facebook page! I am ready to give you an earful about how amazing and profound this event was, but since this blog is primarily design related...I need to stick with that theme!