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Designer Diaries: Chanel Gives Us An Inside Look At Her Tiny Apartment For Two

As I scour the internet for some really cool homes to highlight on our blog, I find that I am most drawn to the homes of interior designers. You would naturally assume that interior designers have expensive, top of the line home decor, but often times they are just like you and I and they're looking for a killer deal! Today we are kicking off  a new blog series where we show off the homes of our interior designers here at GHID. Chanel has opened up her doors for us to see how her and her boyfriend, Marshall have overcome the obstacles of housing two peoples belongings without any closets! Chanel and Marshall have named their Pearl District apartment The Shoebox. Chanel digs into how she overcame the no closet dilemma in her tiny apartment!

When In Doubt Peg It Out - Display Your Belongings In A Creative Way

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Finding a place to rent in Portland is incredibly difficult as I found out when I moved here last summer. The sun was hot and I was ready to have a home. So I moved into this 500 sq. ft. apartment without a single closet. The piles of my stuff on the floor gave me constant panic attacks and so the peg wall came into fruition. Home Depot will cut the peg board down into any size and there are a ton of choices for hooks and holders. Once there are a ton of dry wall screws securing the peg wall, the fun part is organizing your wall to make it as functional as possible.

Rope Saves The Day - Use It As A Stair Railing

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The stairs up to loft are architecturally beautiful yet dangerously steep. These stairs were not designed with basic design codes in mind! Inspired by a rope banister I saw in a Dwell magazine, we fashioned one of our own. After locating the studs in the walls and screwing in large eye hooks, we attached nylon rope from Home Depot. This turned out to be a very inexpensive and effective solution.

Be A Smart Shopper And Savvy Shopper

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The most expensive piece of furniture in my apartment is the kitchen island from Ikea. With little kitchen storage and workspace, this was a necessary addition. With storage underneath and space for stools, the island doubles as our dining table and space for pots and pans. While meant for seating only two, we can fit five comfortably for our mini dinner parties. The stools are from Target, and we utilize the extras as a makeshift table when not in use. Spend money on the piece you are going to use the most, which I have found is always in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where there is food there is people.

Small Apartment? Decorate Up!

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While the footprint of our apartment is tiny, our ceilings are giant. To use this to our advantage we built custom shelving for our books and toy collections way up high. Press board and L-brackets from Home Depot are inexpensive. I have found making your own shelves specifically for your things makes everything seem to fit and seem more important. Books and toys are two of our favorite things, and we wanted to make sure they had their own special place.
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