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Fresh Pastel Interior Design: How To Make Pastel Home Decor Work For You And Your Home Year-Round

Coming off of the heels of Easter, I - like most of the U.S. - has seen so much pastel that we're beginning to dream about it! There is always that fine line that people are afraid to cross when it comes to splashing shades of pastels into your home for a year-round look. I have scoured the internet to bring you some warm and inviting spring-time interiors that underscore that YOU CAN use pastel furnishings and decor! Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna be throwing a pastel party that will make you appreciate, if not want these watered down hues in your home. Did you miss last year's blog on pastel interiors? Read it here!

Keep It Classy With Dollops Of Pastel Decor And Teacups!

A lot of times, our imaginations run away from us and think that pastel is a color to be seen in the month of April...and only in the month of April. I am here to defend the pastel hues and let you know that there are some classy and cute ways to bring your favorite hues into your interior design. For example, be as subtle as purchasing delicate colored glassware, like the adorable golden tea cup and saucer!! Are you craving more fun and inspirational ways to bring these great colors into your home, read on!

Find Subtle Sophistication Through Pastels Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is meant to be a place for catching up on some R&R, and for that reason, you need a calming bedroom palette. A great to incorporate sophisticated colors into your bedroom suite's decor is through a neutral headboard or by changing out your duvet cover and pillow covers.

Making Your Vintage Pieces Relevant In Our Modern World

I am half Spanish so I read Elle Decor Spain with frequency. When I saw Marta de la Rica make it on the cover of Elle Decor Spain, I was ecstatic! She does a phenomenal job of bring vintage pieces into her interior design and making them tell their history in a modern way.

Go Bold And Add Pastel Cabinetry To Your Kitchen

olorful kitchen design, mint kitchen, non conventional craftsman homes and kitchens

This kitchen design by GHID will have you feel like you're smelling the flower blooms year-round. The soft hues make this kitchen bright and airy throughout the rainy seasons of the Pacific Northwest.

Brighten Up Your Walls With A Gorgeous Paint Color

Love, love, love this room! I happen to be a huge mid-century modern fan, but I am particularly drawn to this space because the furniture and decor act as an anchor for this expansive living room. The green paint color helps reflect natural light that pours in through the french doors and makes for a space that I want to cozy up in and call mine!

Get The Look For An Affordable Cost!

Want a little extra spring in your life without transforming your whole home? Besides the fact that these little bud vases are adorable, they are an affordable way to add pops of life into your decor! Leif Shop is also a really cute online store that offers a wide array of fun home decor!

If you're excited for more great interior design tips and tricks or you just can't wait to see more fabulous interior design, stay tuned into our blog!