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Austin-Based Interior Design And Cool Places To Stay: An Interior Design Tour Of Portland's Sister City

Howdy y'all! I am only partially kidding about my cowboy speak. I am headed to Texas for the first time for a wedding and am very excited to make the trip. As I began planning this trip to Dallas and Austin, I became close to obsessed with finding a fabulous place to stay and swoon over fun interiors. Along the way, I found some beautiful boutique hotels and other gorgeous interiors in Austin that were just too cute not to share! Today, we're going to take a closer look at some places to stay in Portland's sister city and see the laid back interior design and decor they have to offer.  

Flashback In Time At Saint Cecelia Hotel

Liz Lambert, the famous developer and owner of Saint Cecelia has got the vibe down to a T! In the parking lot, next to the neon signage that hangs near the pool, you'll find a rad, cement colored classic Citroen. The rooms boast vintage interior decor, but this particular room is inspired by the American flag and splash red, white and blue decor throughout one of the suites. I love the way that they played with different tones of reds, blues and whites to create an ambiance that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Jet Set With Your Furry Friend To A Place Full of Adventure

A totally different feel, Liz Lambert also owns Hotel San Jose. This hotel is a 40 room urban bungalow-style getaway that is tucked behind stucco walls and set amidst green garden courtyards. You'll find a much more muted color palette here and minimalistic interior decor. They pride themselves on having rooms and amenities that are "designed to set a backdrop for a life of adventure and inspiration, without the clutter of everyday existence." In addition to all of the furniture being hand-made, they are also pet-friendly, so bring your furry friend along.

Using Neon Lights In A Classy And Sophisticated Way

Cravotta Interiors had the chance to work with clients that live part-time in Austin and NYC.  Their mid-century modern penthouse is an extremely fun and playful space for the couple to cozy up in or have some great at-home entertaining. I am particular drooling over the fantastic wooden credenza that is nestled up under the fun cowboy neon light! Virtual high-fives to Cravotta Interiors for doing such a stunning job of mixing textures, patterns and finishes into their design.

Ways To Mix Textures, Colors, And Finishes To Your Home Decor

This home is full of colorful, yet purposeful accessories and decor! Like the rest of the spaces I've featured, there are several layers of texture, geometric patterns, color and coolness about this hip Austin-based space. I cannot wait!!

I've been looking forward to my Austin vacation for months now, but these eclectic interior designs are making me look forward to my trip even more!