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Portland-Based Interior Designers Dishes On A Recent Client Project - Defining Spaces

Today we're lucky enough to have our Senior Interior Designer, Alison Van Delden stop by our blog to tell us about a recent client install project! Hello everyone, I've missed you all! This project was a blast to work through with such a fun, vibrant young couple with three kiddos running around (OH, and stacks of original artwork to work with!). With a beautiful southern Oregon view, they needed to bring definition to their common area living space that was a major traffic center of the house including the front entry and master bedroom access. They wanted to start fresh and feel like their home was cozy and inviting. So we pulled together this space using some great tricks to help define spaces and bring function to a wide open space. I broken down this room design with ways we were able to bring definition into this large open floor plan with common areas like this living room/entry/throughway.

Before Photos Of Our Client's Great Room


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Use furniture as room anchors...

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This living space was also the part of the main front entry used frequently. We created a landing space right when you enter with a sofa table and lamps to help guide you, while giving you a spot to drop your purse and keys. This sofa table is perched up against the sectional that is anchoring the main living space.

Float furniture to separate spaces...

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We floated the sectional in the middle of the room to split up the wide open space, creating not just one but three separate seating groups with swivel chairs, sectional seating, ottomans and a bench sofa along the stairwell wall. This space originally had all its furniture pushed up against the walls which is way too common. We brought the furniture towards the middle of the room to better envelope the space.

Use lighting to make open spaces feel more intimate...

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This space lacked accent lighting making the space feel un-inviting and empty at night. By using varieties of lamp styles we created welcoming moments like the pair of table lamps that also create an appropriate barrier from the front door. Over by the windows, our favorite "over the shoulder" reading lamps flank the swivel chairs while their slim profile doesn't obstruct the view.

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Be flexible with your existing furniture...

These clients had invested in this large sectional, which they originally had placed in their playroom. This large scale piece was the perfect size of sofa to fit the overwhelming size of this space. Its important to inventory the key pieces of furniture you own and be open to relocating them to a new area in your house.


We are so happy with the outcome of this room and most importantly, happy clients! Hopefully this helps sparks some space planning ideas in your home... Got any other design dilemmas? Send them our way! Until next time!