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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift - Celebrating By Looking At Gorgeously Designed Nurseries

Mother's Day is only 4 days away! I am not a mom yet, but I know that being a mother changes you forever. I've heard adorable sayings about how your child is your heart walking outside of your body, so I can only imagine how very special it is to be a mother. The people around me  and my life are all new moms or a mom-to-be, so we are shifting the lens a bit on today's blog. Last year, our designers shared why they are thankful for their mothers, but this year we're looking at the way that moms infuse their outward love and affection into baby rooms and nurseries! Have no fear moms and gift givers, there is a fantastic gift guide at the end of the blog that shows off some very affordable gifts!

Setting The Stage For What You Want Your Baby To Wake Up To Every Day

I feel like there would be a ton of pressure for moms to decorate their baby's room! This is a space where they are going to be learning and discovering what the world is like. They're going to see the cute sail boat mobile above their crib and wonder where those boats are headed. Emily Henderson does a fine job at making her designs seem effortless, yet they are so spot on! Want your very own sail boat mobile? The Ark sells them!

Comfortable & Cozy Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Designs

We're really excited to show off Molly Mesnick's serene baby nursery! The design is bright and airy and doesn't sport your typical pink colors. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design's photography is actually being used for Molly Mesnick's curator event on Joss & Main, so if you're loving what you see, head over and shop the event! Or, if you want to see the rest of her sweet baby's room, check out this fab article on People.

Stylish And Not So Juvenile Baby's Room


There are so many things that I love about this nursery and I think my love starts with the neutral grasscloth wallpaper and gold star wallpaper on the ceiling! Although this room doesn't scream baby, it allows for an easier transition into "grown up kid" beds and the phase where the kiddos want to be treated like mini adults. The photography appears to be photos that capture moments in time that mom and dad experienced, but if that isn't the case, that's what I would do with my mini's room. LOVE, LOVE this grown up nursery!

Functional And Forward-Thinking For The Transition To Being A Big Kid

Ok, so you know how I just spoke about the transition from baby to big kid? This gender neutral nursery is actually a perfect example of thinking about the future. Aside from the crib that converts into a toddler bed, the Flor tile-carpet are such a great solution for keeping your carpet clean! All you have to do is replace the squares that your kiddo makes a mess on. If you're looking for an awesome websites with tons of kid-friendly goodies, check out Puj and Project Nursery!

Once Your Baby Is Grown Up, These Are The Best Gifts To Give On Mother's Day!

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Alright, so we're shifting gears...Those of you kids that are now adults and had awesome nurseries may or may not be mulling over what to get your beloved mom for Mother's Day! Look and fret no more, because GHID's home decor, furniture and gift shop has it all. We've got great gifts that range in all price points, styles, but these are some of our favorites!

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area, call up and make an appointment for your personalized shopping experience, or just pop in!