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Interior Design Diary: Heading South To Explore Texan Interiors

A few weeks ago, I headed to Dallas, Texas with my boyfriend for a friend's wedding...and it was a blast! I keep reliving those warm days and my overdose on vitamin D, and of course, all of the wedding. Since I had so much fun, I want to extend this getaway I went on with all of you! The rehearsal dinner (and the wedding) happened to be in absolutely stunning locations, which made it rather easy to soak up all of the great architecture, design and interiors. I was so in love with The DeGolyer Estate in the Dallas Arboretum that I just HAD to tell you all about the venue!

The History Of The DeGolyer Estate

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The DeGoyler Estate photography by Total Quality Photo

Built in 1940, this exceptional 21,000-square-foot showpiece provides a majestic setting for corporate parties, book signings and family milestone events.

Designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, the DeGolyer Estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Learn more about The DeGolyer Estate or other great places to get married or host a party in the Dallas area.

Touring The Interiors Of A Southern Estate Takes You Back In Time

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As you enter into the DeGolyer Estate, the high ceilings, the architectural details on the ceiling, and beautifully aged furniture transport you from the present time to the past. This ceiling detail is so gorgeously intricate and really puts shame on your average coffered ceilings.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pages To Read In The Library

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So... I've always been a huge fan of movies like the Secret Garden (first movie that came to mind - sorry) that have old interiors that make noises, are the home to magnificent pieces of antique home decor, and have secret passages! As I entered into this room, the smell of really old books wafted up around me and made me think of being in old movies. While I was taking a closer look at this gorgeous library, I noticed an inconsistency in the baseboards and found a secret door!! It was so cool and was probably meant for the home owners to hide from intruders, but now it was just used for janitorial purposes. The best part about finding the secret doorway was that I got to write my own mini-story about what DeGolyer used it for when he lived within these walls.

Traditional Mint Colored Bedroom Interiors


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The traditional interior decor really shines through in this bedroom! This room had two seating areas within the bedroom, but in order to get to the bedroom, you had to walk through this uber cute tea room. Ok, I dubbed it the tea room, but it is really another sitting area in front of a fireplace. If I lived there, I would sit there and sip tea. The bedroom has a huge walk in dressing room with 4 huge closet right off of the bedroom... um, yes please! Needless to say, this house and room setup were absolutely amazing!

The Estate's Grounds Are Even Impressive

outside of the degolyer estate, gorgeous outdoor photos, beautiful places with gorgeous interiors

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I hope you guys enjoyed this short visit to the DeGolyer Estate and fell in love with the interiors like I did. In the next few months, I will be heading over to the other side of the pond and will have even more photos and memories to share with all of you!

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