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7 Tips That Will Guide You Down The Path Of Chic Interior Design

Everyone (or a majority) of people need help revamping their space. I am guilty of being one of those people that scours through ideabooks on Houzz and Pinterest for fabulous inspiration and direction for a home I’m proud to show off. Over time I have been able to compile some fabulous tips & tricks from our very own Garrison Hullinger Interior Design team members, and I am here to share those with you. Sharing is caring after all, right?

Ask Yourself How You Want Your Guests To Perceive You & Your Home

I am an entertainer at heart. When my friends and family come over, I want people to feel comfortable and cozy ( I like to call this comfy-coz, and feel free to use this term too)! I want my guests to stay for a long time, feel comfortable enough to take their shoes off and kick their feet up on the couch.

Pinpoint Your Style - You Don't Have To Fit Into Just One "Style"

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Houzz is an amazing resource for you to start your very own ideabook. Start saving photos of spaces and interior design that you are drawn to and I am sure you’ll start to see a pattern. Just because you love picture-perfect spaces, doesn’t mean that your wallet has to hurt.

Tick, Tock - Define Your Home Project Timeline

It’s easy to say you want something done, but you’re more likely to complete your “goal” if you write it down and say it out loud. If you tell your best friend, spouse, better half (you get the point), they can help keep you accountable. Once you’ve picked your “space to be completed” date, you can keep your eye on the prize.

Think Green - What's Your Budget?

I’m not referring to being eco-friendly, although that is a plus, but I am talking mula, dinero, money! How much can you realistically afford today…. not tomorrow. A lot of times, I get caught up in wanting and wishing for a higher budget, but there are so many ways to get crafty with a lower budget. Say hello Craigslist and estate sales! Buyer beware, you can easily get overwhelmed, so slowly warm up to the idea of finding great home decor at an estate sale.

Write It Out - A List Will Help You Spare You From Abusing Your Wallet

I get over zealous when I go to estate sales and want way too many things. I am not at hoarder status (yet), but rather enjoy making treasures out of others trash. If you write out a list of must-have items for a complete and beautiful space, you can check items off like a grocery list. Here is a glimpse of what’s on my list: rug pad, colorful artwork, side tables, coffee table, decorative books, large planter, bookshelves or something that I can lean my stacked artwork on.

It’s All About The Measurements Baby!

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Don’t forget to measure your room and existing furniture. If you come up with a mock furniture layout, include distances and remaining space. Wouldn’t you hate it if your sofa just didn’t fit in your space. Eek!

Snap It - Put Your Camera To Good Use

While you’re out and about, even if you choose to forgo Craigslist and estate sale shopping and choose to go to Home Goods, take some photos of your favorite finds! It’s kind of similar to going clothes shopping, you just need your best bud with you. Get a gut check. Ask them if you’re nuts? Or, are you love struck with the price tag versus what you’re actually buying?

I hope this helped! Now I am ready to conquer my list of must-have home decor elements that will make my home comfy-coz…ier!

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