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How To Make Your Bed Look Like A Professional Made It!

how to make your bed look like a pro made it, beds ready for the cover of a magazine, layering your bed Is anyone else with me, when I say that my bed needs a little extra love? After dedicating an entire post to making your bed look like a pro made it, I discovered that I covered WHY you need the elements of a well made bed, but I didn't explain HOW to use them! With that being said, I decided to write a new blog post that outlines the 5 simple steps you need to follow so that you can make your bed look like a designer waved their magic wand in your sleep!

Before you dive into this step-by-step process, you might want to start by refreshing your memory on the basics in our previous blog, Tips & Tricks To Make Over Your Bed Like A Professional Interior Designer. Then you're ready to get started!

The Perfect Headboard Will Last a Lifetime

finding the perfect headboard, how to choose the right headboard, the benefits of purchasing a headboard

When deciding what headboard will work best in your bedroom, there are a couple things to consider - style, height, function and of course, your budget. A headboard can make a great focal point, but stick with a neutral color and incorporate color and pattern with bedding and decor, which is easier and less expensive to replace as you get tired of it. If you can't find quite what you're looking for, get creative and make your own! There are several great DIY projects for the perfect headboard.

Layers & Layers Add Comfort & Style

adding sheets to your bed, how to make your bed, the best tips for making your bed

There are lots of layers that go into making your bed. On top of the essential mattress cover and pad, you need your fitted and flat sheet, which is where you might decide to add a pop of color! Always put your flat sheet face down so when you fold the top down you will see the pattern and/or detail. On top of that, you have your duvet cover or comforter which should compliment both your sheets and headboard. You can leave it flat, fold it half way down, or for extra texture follow this tip and create a fold 3/4 of the way up the bed!

A Proper Base Makes Accessorizing Easy

why you need euro shams, pillows for your bed, adding depth to your bed

Once you've got your essential layers down, complete the base with euro shams which not only looks pretty, but also hides and protects the pillows you sleep on. Euro shams often match the duvet cover for a professional and uniform look. Before propping them up, lay them on the bed and pat them flat so they will standup straight against your headboard and create a solid base for your accent pillows!

Dress It Up, But Don't Overdo It

adding color to your room, accent pillows for your bed, designer details for your bed

When the base is complete, you are ready for the finishing touches! Accent pillows are perfect for adding color, pattern and texture to your room and can easily be switched out with the seasons for a fresh look. You can also incorporate pillows that serve a purpose beyond just looking fabulous - lumbar and body pillows can be used for extra comfort while you sleep!

Designer Details That Make A Difference

make your bed like a pro, designer inspired bed, how to make your bed look full and beautiful

Here we have 3 layers of pillows which add depth and dimension to the bed while also creating a cohesive look by complimenting and repeating the color and pattern of the duvet. For even more texture and comfort, add a cozy throw! By then, you'll find jumping into bed irresistible.

Now that you've got your designer bed, you are ready for the next step! Read our blog on Picking Your Perfect Bedside Table! Once you've read all of these blogs, I think you're ready to make your bedroom beautiful!