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Designer Find: Get Inspired With These Creative Potted Planters

You may have seen our post about “5 Tips For Your Patio’s Planters”, the first tip of which is to pick the right container. Picking the right container is rarely an easy task if you want to be clever. It is easy enough to buy a clay pot and place it somewhere on the patio, because that will almost always look great, but there are so many other creative options out there to consider for housing your plants! These fabulous photos and ideas will inspire you to show off your green thumb in an interesting and creative way.

Vertical Plant Gardens Double As Functional And Beautiful Decor

If you have a small patio then maybe pots on the ground is the wrong choice for you. One option you have is to use a wall surface and go vertical! First of all, using a picture frame for this is a great idea! Secondly, putting it in a picture frame allows you to hang it, perhaps on the side of your house or a shed, or even indoors as well!

Using these wooden frames looks great as a divider or to add some height, but it is an added bonus if you can put some vertical plants inside! Since it is essentially a wall, you can even use this idea to hide eyesores like hoses and air conditioners.

Popular even in some restaurants, you can also go big and put all kinds of vibrant plants in this big palette, then hang it outside on your house!

House Your Plants In Cool Glass Containers

Terrariums are great, unique ideas, but they are not only limited to the indoors. Done right, you can use glass well to showcase your plants, whether they be sitting on a table or railing, or suspended from a patio covering.

This simple terrarium appears to be hanging from an umbrella, and succeeds in adding an elegant look thanks to the teardrop glass.

This simple design features a plank of wood suspended by rope with glass jars stuck through the holes! This not only frees up ground space but also uses those old jars in a really creative and stylish way!

Or maybe a standard terrarium is more your style! There are plenty of tutorials for making a homemade terrarium, but be careful where you place them, as they are not supposed to be placed in direct sunlight!

Are Things Stacking Up In A Beautiful Way?

Similar to the space-saving idea of planting vertically, you can place pots on a wall, while still planting them horizontally.

These colorful pots full of colorful flowers really evoke feelings of spring! Using the fence, a lot of brightness is able to be crammed into a small area that just could not be done on the ground, where the pots would be harder to notice. Here, they become the center of attention.

These ladders are another great way to climb on up! Those four pots stack nicely on the steps and really save a lot of space!


Recycling something old and using it as a pot is always fun and interesting, whether it be a kitchen sink or an old bucket. These ideas are all great and add a splash of creativity to any yard.

2 liter soda bottles seem to have an unlimited amount of uses other than holding soda, whether you’re making a rocket or making a whirlpool, but you can also put plants in them. This wall of hanging plants looks so nice that you almost forget that your favorite carbonated beverage once occupied your pots!

You could bake a cake or you could pot a plant! This bundt cake pot works surprisingly well for holding plants and if you didn’t stop and stare for a while, you would never know!

What do you do with old light bulbs after they burn out? Just throw them away? If they’re not frosted bulbs, upcycling them into hanging pots can be a great way to display your plants from the air.

Use Something Unconventional For A Big Statement 

While some of these ideas probably already seem outside the box, using an unexpected item can sometimes work out well for your patio. These painted cinder blocks stack nicely in the corner and the holes work great as containers for plants. You would not usually associate cinder blocks with garden décor, but with a nice green coat of paint, it looks pretty good!

Using a ball of yarn for a hanging plant is certainly not conventional, but it does look really good! It requires a mossy exterior, as regular dirt would fall out, but the possibilities for a yarn ball hanger are still plentiful.

If you incorporate one of these ideas may challenge the status quo of potted plants, but will certainly turn some heads! Don't be afraid to use your imagination and a little bit of a design sense will make your potted plants stand out from the rest!