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Custom Furniture: Get the Perfect Piece and Stand Out from the Rest!

Have you ever gawked at the idea of purchasing custom furniture? The idea of investing in custom furniture may seem scary, expensive, and difficult, but I am here to dispel any hesitations. Custom furniture can fit in just the right spot, hold a lot of meaning, and be something that you will treasure forever!

Finding The Goldilocks of Furniture

custom entry seat, floral pattern loveseat, how to style an entryway

Browsing online and in showrooms can yield some great results, but finding that perfect piece is almost impossible. The table you settled for may have been great, but maybe it was just a little too long, not quite dark enough of a color, or the finish wasn’t as good as you would have liked. Going custom can give you the perfect piece that fits just right in your room and is just the right size. It will be exactly what you need, perhaps for a specific purpose. You could even go so far as to have custom chairs for a dining table, based on the size of the person they were made for, or custom shelving that fits perfectly into an alcove.

Handmade with Love and Care

dark brown wood tones, custom living room couch furniture, view over stair railing

Custom furniture is often times handmade to your specifications. Being custom suggests that each piece is one of a kind, and being hand-made practically guarantees this. Two of the same pieces will not necessarily be identical. In addition to that, the piece would be virtually impossible for someone else to recreate, so even if your friend saw the piece and tried to get it done by someone else, it would fall short of the original! A lot of designers will also refuse to copy someone else's design, and have their own preferred style and materials, which will result in something completely unique! Another thing that could make a piece totally original is if it is made from recycled or found materials.

The Unique Piece Will Hold More Meaning

rustic billiards pool room, custom throne bench, built in custom seat

The bowl you made in that ceramics class you took on a whim has more value to your family than most other bowls in the kitchen, and a piece of custom furniture is no different. A custom piece can be built or based off of an existing piece in your home, and it will most certainly be treasured above all of the replaceable furniture in the house, just like an old antique piece from a grandparent may be. Speaking of family, if you invest in a custom piece of furniture, that piece is much more likely to stay with your family for generations, and hold memories that a piece of store-bought furniture just never could.

Go Green and Go Local!

miami condo living room, custom sectional couch with custom pillows, splashes of color

When you are in control of what your furniture is made out of, you can be as green as you want! While with mass-produced furniture you may not know where the material is sourced from, if you go with custom furniture you can hear exactly from the designer where the materials are from or you can provide your own! On that note, working with someone to make custom furniture allows you to work locally and support your community's artisans and workers!

The Price May Be Right!

red 70's chairs, custom table top and base, refurnished basement bar area

Last but definitely not least, is the topic of price! The biggest fear that shoppers hold about custom furniture is that it is expensive, but this is far from the truth. While it may seem that mass produced furniture would be cheaper, there are a lot of factors that end up in the number on the price tag, such as the cut to the designer, the cost of the factory, taxes, shipping, insurance, and countless other factors that could contribute to the final cost. A local designer will have none of these extra costs associated with their work, and just has to worry about the man-hours involved. In addition, your purchase may pay off in the long run as an investment. After enjoying a piece for many years, a piece has potential to be worth a lot more money than you spent on it! You are definitely getting your money's worth, especially when quality, fit, and meaning are given value! There are virtually no disadvantages to getting custom furniture beyond spending some time getting your perfect piece constructed.

So what are you waiting for? Get your custom furnishings ordered today! Stop by Hullinger Home to see Hailey or Terry to let us get your custom furniture started today.